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Use A Home Projector As An Outdoor One

Use A Home Projector As An Outdoor One
Most of the time when we are looking for the home entertainment projectors, we consider the possibility of using it for outdoor use and other outdoor events that may occur. The projector to be able to work outdoor well has to be bright enough to withstand the ambient light if you are using during the day.  If you are using a projector for indoors that works well in dark environments, it is hard for it to work well outdoors don’t expect it to be great. There are so many reasons out there that make it possible to use your home projector as an outdoors one though many may oppose it if they have not experienced it.

1. Brightness and The Contrast Ratio

The brightness of the projector is a very significant factor if you want to achieve the best image display without distortion from too much light or too dark. When you have a brightness of 1000-1500 lumens, the projector can easily work indoors especially in a darker environment and deliver contents that are great and visibly gorgeous in that environment. When you take the same projector outdoors and expect it to work the same, you will be disappointed. The images that will be displayed will be faded, dark and not bright at all. A projector with higher brightness of 3000 lumens and above can work well outdoors and deliver incredible images and video without distortion from the ambient light.
Contrast ratio goes hand in hand with the brightness of the same. Contrast ratio helps in bringing out the blackest and the whitest level of the contents and videos shown on the screen.  The higher the contrast ratios, the more clear and detailed the images are displayed on the projector screen. A good contrast ratio should be able to ensure the seeing of the details and the prominence of different shades of color. Though the contrast ratio is good, when exposed to too much ambient light, it loses its tough.

2. Resolution

The resolution of the projector used indoors is very important as well when you intend to use the projector outdoors. The more resolution the projector has the more beautiful the images is. If it is possible to get your home projector of the 4K resolution and install it outdoors and enjoy the best of the image quality.

3. Audio Quality

One reason why the indoors projector can be used outside is the fact that some of the home projectors come with excellent and audible speakers that can be listened to well outdoors without limitations. Nevertheless, some of the projectors come with jack port to enable connection of the external speakers to boost the audio even further.

4. Throw Ratio

If you are using the projector outside from indoors, you have to know the right positions to place it to produce the correct image size to the screen. The throw ratio of any projector will determine the distance at which your projector could be placed. This is another reason it can be sued outside. This is because from just 5 to 12 feet away you are able to get a wide image on the wall or the screen with incredible features.

5. Durability

When you bought your projector for home use, and you considered the dustproof and sturdy of the projector, then you can even use outdoors easily. When you are taking your projector outside it becomes easy to place it where it can have free air circulation. The projector works well when the ventilation works well and has access to a dust free environment. Once you are done with the projector outdoors, take it back indoors to avoid too much exposure to dust. When the weather is not good for the outdoor entertainment, take your projector back indoors or if you have elevated it higher and will not be affected by rain, make sure the wiring is in place out of anybody’s way.

6. Portability

When your projector is portable, and you can use it anywhere you want in your bedroom, sitting area, home theatre area, you can as well use it outdoors as well. The portability of the projector makes it even easier to move it around when installing it outdoors.