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The Value of a Pocket Knife & How to Sharpen Them

The Value of a Pocket Knife & How to Sharpen Them
There are a lot of people who love hunting, traveling, hiking, and camping. And they use a lot of different tools, aid kits, and gear. But before prepare your long traveling you should know which are very important tools or pocket knives? A pocket knife that not means it will help you with simple work. Because it can help you to complete a heavy-duty job.
Even when you ready for camping or fishing, so a pocket knife also ready to help you. But there are more than hundreds of different knives. So why you should use a pocket knife? And what are the best features of it? Let's see how you can use a pocket knife?
Pocket Knife For Self-Defence:
Probably there are no people who do not want to protect ownself. But for self-defense, there are a lot of different pocket knives. But you have to find a portable knife that also you can carry in your jacket or pant pocket. The pocket self-defense knife doesn't mean it only for fighting. The pocket knife in your pocket means you’re ready to save yourself from any danger. But first of all, you should know about your country's laws.
Pocket Knife For Fishing:
If you’re a professional fisherman or just interested to spend your weekend fishing. But a pocket knife sharpener is a compact tool that can help you to cut your fishing line. Or it can use to cut small fish or other food as fishing bait. Even not only that, when your fishing net will be folded up and if they need to cut so very quickly you can use your pocket knife.
Pocket Knife For Build Camping:
Camping is really very important when you stay outdoor. And before your camping maybe you take a lot of gear. But also you should choose the best camping pack back. That will help you to carry a lot of different components. And a good shelter will save you from any storm and cold.
But to make a great shelter you need a good knife. And here a pocket knife will help you. You can use a pocket knife to break a small piece of wood. Or use your knife to build fire. Many people use a big size bowie knife to build camping. But a good size pocket knife can handle it very easily. You may also read our full camping guide here.
Pocket Knife For Hunting:
There is no one who does not love hunting. And a professional hunter carries a lot of different hunting knives for skinning and gutting. But a great quality pocket knife will help you to hunt and skin. No need to carry different knives. And for deer skinning, the pocket hunting knife is very popular. The popular hunting knife the name is definitely Buck. Because there have a lot of different pocket folding hunting knives.
Which Pocket Knife You Should Choice?
You will get a lot of different pocket knives in marketing. But actually, it will depend on which you like? But here are some different pocket knives that you can use for your everyday life.
Single Blade Pocket Knife:
A single-blade pocket knife comes in many different shapes and sizes. But their most better quality is their simplicity and size. A single-blade pocket knife means specially designed with a great sole and large blade. And it had an excellent opening system called “high speed” technology. That helps the user very safely open and close the blade. And it ensures it will never close automatically while it opened.
Multi-Blade Pocket Knives:
The multi-blade pocket knife means you can use a as a great versatile tool. But maybe it would be a little bit expensive. But hopefully, it will minimize your cost to purchase another tool. For a multi-blade pocket knife, a great and popular knife is Victorinox swiss army pocket knife. Because it has built for the swiss army and now it is available for public use. It has different blades some are curved and straight with serrated.
Pocket Knife Blade Design:
The pocket knife has a lot of different blade designs than a fixed blade. Because it specially made for carrying in the pocket. So if you don’t know how many different types of pocket knives blades are available so please check here.
Plain Edge:
In the early, there was only a single pocket knife with a plain edge blade. But now it developed. The plain edge means it has no serrated and gut hook. Maybe it looks very simple. But when you need to cut something smooth so it will help you. For example, you want to peel fruits, so with this blade easily you can complete in-home or outdoor. But unfortunately, it can’t perform well on wood or rope.
Fully Serrated Edge:
Maybe already you know what about it. And these blade designs are crafted with the most pocket knife. The serrated means the full blade or in the middle, there are some nano shark teeth. For these good great pocket knife teeth, you don’t need to give much pressure on your item. Because it’s serrated it will help you to cut very smoothly even the knife doesn’t have much sharper.
Partially Serrated Edge:
This particular design is mixed with a straight blade. And the serrated in the middle of the blade with big size teeth. But hopefully, with this knife, you can cut any smooth and tough materials or fruits. But this combo edge blade is a little bit difficult to sharpen. So before you like it you should know how to sharpen it professionally.

How To Sharpen Pocket Knife Professionally In Any Situation?

To sharpen your pocket knife there is multiple choice. But you have to know how to sharpen it properly. Because all the time it’s not possible to go to the professional service. Here are some easy methods that you can apply for your pocket knife.
Pocket Knife Sharpener:
The pocket knife sharpener is one of the best and popular methods to sharpen pocket and hunting knives. Because some sharpeners have multiple sharpening features. That you can apply to sharpen your knife or other tools in-home or outdoor.
Even if you choose a good sharpener you can sharpen your straight blade pocket knife, serrated pocket knife, or gut hook blade. And hopefully the prices of it very less than a knife. So then another sharpener you should look in a pocket-size sharpener. Because it is one of the best sharpeners for pocket knives available in the market.
Use Sharpening Stone:
It is an alternative way to sharpen your pocket knife. But it would be a very handful method and need previous experience. The whetstone has ceramic and diamond coating that will make your pocket knife razor-sharp. Just simply need a small pressure and 10 to 15 slides on both sides of the blade. And it is a very affordable sharpening method. But you can’t sharpen a serrated knife with it.
Use The Honing Rod:
This is a traditional method, and you should apply it to your home. A honing rod means a piece of steel that has a diamond coating. And it helps for sharpening the knife. But you have to know the right sharpening angle. And you have to hold it for a long period of time. But a pocket knife sharpener is one of the best methods to sharpen pocket knives. Because it easy and you can use it outdoor like a knife. And very portable to carry.
A pocket knife is also very important for everyday life. Because all the time it is never possible to carry a big knife or tools. But a knife is very portable and affordable. That you can use in your home and when you out of your home you can put it in your pocket for the next uses. It will better to say a pocket knife is a great versatile tool on a limited budget. So why you will spend more than a hundred bucks on other tools?