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If you enjoy sleeping out in the great outdoors, Montem has the best camping hammock and hammock accessories to keep you comfortable and sleeping soundly. Our ultralight hammock is ideal for any hiking, backpacking, or camping trip. We also provide hammock accessories so you can make the most of your hammock camping adventures.


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A hammock in the forest.


A camping hammock is a great alternative to a camping bed for hiking or camping trips, and they make an excellent addition to your camping and outdoor equipment.

When backpacking, a camping hammock is easy to transport and very lightweight. Montem’s portable hammocks and their stands are compact and lightweight models, making them great for outdoor enthusiasts, including campers, fishermen or hikers.

Lightweight hammocks also travel well, and they usually give greater support and more stability. A comfortable hammock will reduce your stress and increase your serenity, so you can enjoy a relaxed outdoor adventure.

Enjoy an easy set up

There are no confusing poles to figure out when setting up your hammock, which can leave you frustrated. Our ultralight hammocks come with a carry bag, which can be attached to your backpack. Although camping hammocks weigh very little, they are extremely sturdy and have a weight capacity ranging from 250 to 500 pounds.

Keep warm and dry

With the hammock camping setup, you’re elevated from the ground and will be kept both warm and dry as a result. There is no need for any insulation from the cold and sometimes damp ground. If you use a sleeping bag liner to sleep in when on the hammock, you don’t need to worry about suffering from any sudden drop in temperature during the night.

Avoid unaccommodating ground conditions

With ultralight hammocks, you don’t need to worry about searching for flat, level ground as you’ll be elevated above the ground on a mattress or sleeping pad, away from rocks and sticks that would usually make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Do no environmental damage

A camping hammock allows you to set up and leave the ground undisturbed. As your ultralight hammock is hung with ratchet tree straps, it has no negative impact on trees. The camping hammock straps suspend the bed by securely wrapping around the tree trunks – no screws needed!

Leave the creepy crawlers below

As your hammock is elevated above the ground, a camping hammock substantially minimizes the possibility of being surprised to find a snake or a centipede in bed with you. A shock of that kind can ruin an otherwise wonderful trip! For added protection from insects, consider having a bug net over your hammock.

Put your feet up

Elevating your feet is beneficial after a long day of hiking. Your feet can be raised properly with ease in hiking hammocks and by doing so, you’ll reduce the possibility of ankle swelling.

Enjoy bedding that is lightweight but strong

An ultralight backpacking hammock is a portable hammock made from lightweight fabric and weighs less than 2 pounds – it’s lighter and much less bulky to carry than a rolled sleeping bag. In fact, when folded up properly in your stuff sack, the portable camping hammock will only take up as much space in your backpack as a tennis ball and weighs approximately 18 ounces.

Comfortably support your body weight

Camping hammocks are the best hammocks for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy camping and have back problems because the hammock’s asymmetrical design supports your weight more adequately than a flatter sleeping surface such as a standard mattress or sleeping pad. When unfolded and the tree straps are hung correctly, the entire hammock will give you as much sleeping space as any decent-sized single bed.


Setup a Camping Hammock.

When it comes to your hammock camping setup, a few precautions will ensure that you hang your lightweight camping hammock successfully. Here are some steps to take to ensure you’ll enjoy the best hammock camping adventure:

  • Inspect the condition of the hammock – the material, ropes, and hammock hanging straps – before setting off on your trip.

  • Avoid tying your camping or backpacking hammock tree straps to dead trees or under dead limbs.

  • Set up the bed at waist height for safe entry and exit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are camping hammocks worth it?

Camping hammocks offer many fantastic benefits for outdoor enthusiasts. The best camping hammocks are lightweight and comfortable and are easy to pack and carry when out hiking or camping. When using a camping hammock, you won’t need to worry about finding level ground to set up. Your bed will be attached to a tree by tree straps, ensuring you’re elevated and can avoid crawling insects or other animals on the ground that could potentially disturb your sleep. You’ll also find it good to hear that double hammocks are available for two people. So you and your special someone can snuggle up in a double hammock when out on your outdoor adventure.

Is it better to camp in a tent or hammock?

Hammock camping is very comfortable as you won’t need to worry about uncomfortable rocks and sticks on the ground, a hammock is lighter to carry than a tent, and you’ll stay warmer and dryer in a hammock than in a tent. Whether it’s better to sleep in a tent or a hammock overnight will depend on your location and the activities you’re planning to do, but hammock camping definitely offers some fantastic benefits over tent camping.

Is a hammock warmer than a tent?

It’s generally warmer to sleep in a hammock than in a tent. Unlike when you sleep on a sleeping pad or mattress on the ground in a tent, when you sleep in a camp hammock, you’ll be elevated so you won’t need to be insulated from the cold and damp ground.

What are the different styles of camping hammocks?

There are many different styles of camping and tent hammocks to choose from. Most hammocks for camping are similar to other hammocks, but have a flatter sleeping bottom, can be rigged up in trees, and have a variety of different accessories available. You can get them with full tops, mosquito netting, and even a rain fly. Some brands even have tree-hugging options, so you will never damage the tree bark. They also come with support ropes that you attach to the ground to provide stability and support. They also have plenty of room for one or two people, as well as all your gear.

What is the difference between a rope hammock and a fabric hammock?

Rope hammocks conform to the contours of any body shape and are usually made of nylon or cotton fibers. Because rope hammocks are loosely woven, they let the air circulate the body and are a great choice for hot summer days. They are also sturdy enough to support most weights, and the art of balancing in a rope hammock sometimes provides added entertainment.

Although a rope hammock is a great choice for some, most people find fabric hammocks to be more comfortable. Fabric camping hammocks are softer and seem to provide a more stable surface. Fabric hammocks can also be made of stylish or colorful materials that match any décor. Camping hammocks made from fabric have often received a mildew-resistant treatment, which makes them withstand the weather extremely well.

Rope hammocks are usually a little less expensive than fabric hammocks, but people should consider more than price when purchasing. Both rope and fabric hammocks may be found in styles with staves or spreader bars or in styles without them. This is a matter of personal preference.