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How To Hunt Coyotes During The Day?

How To Hunt Coyotes During The Day?
Are you interested in Coyote hunting, but don’t really have any idea how to go about it? Don't worry, Here You've arrived on the right webpage and today we are going to help you in every aspect of hunting coyotes in the daytime.
The fact is, you can, and you should hunt coyotes during the day. There is no logical reason to wait for the night, with a few tips and right hunting approaches you can easily hunt coyotes during the daytime hours. Hunting is always a sport of chance, and if you can double the hunting opportunity chances, you will surely increase your chance for success.
Let's start with the necessary supplies that you should take with you…

How to Distinguish Between Coyotes and wolves?

How To Hunt Coyotes During The Day

6 Essential Supplies That You Need

Here are the six basic supplies that you will need to get the best coyote hunting results.
Your Favourite Weapon: You can choose any of your favorite accurate long range rifle, such as AR-15. Long range rifles with max accuracy work best for daytime hunting.
Comfortable Earmuffs: Earmuffs will eliminate all the disturbing noise and will help you focus more accurately on the target. Please Check out for some of the best earmuffs for shooting.
A Decoy: Decoy will work as a visual lure in conjunction with your calls.
Binoculars: Binoculars will help you identify the movements more accurately from several yards away.
Full Camouflage: It's essential that all your body parts remain covered during the hunt to ensure that you blend in with the surroundings, it's especially true for your hands and head.
Shooting Sticks: Any basic tripod can help you keep your weapon aimed accurately on the target.
So, these are some of the basic supplies that you need to take with you these will surely make hunting an easier job for you. Once you've all these basic supplies, you're all set to head out and hunt coyotes during the daytime. Below we have mentioned all the steps for success that you need to follow.

6 Steps For Success When Hunting Coyotes During The Daytime Hours

Follow the below six-step guide to have a higher chance of hunting a coyote during the day…

Step 1: Start By Knowing Where To Hunt

It's always good to do some homework and know the location before arriving at any hunting location. You should look for signs indicating Coyote activity, such as fresh tracks, scat, or any other indication that Coyotes may have a den in the target hunting area.
We suggest you consider brush-covered areas near any viable food source, cow pastures, to start when looking for Coyote activity signs.

Step 2: It's Good To Arrive Early

Once you've finalized the target place to hunt, you should get in there before first light. Once you're there, set your blind up in an area that can help you hide and offer a full view of the region around you. It will help you hunt coyotes smartly and more appropriately.
Also, It can be a great idea to select a spot that forces coyotes to move to the open when responding to the calls made by you.

Step 3: Be Soundless

We recommend you to remain silent throughout the hunt. Don't slam car doors, avoid excess talking, or other sounds that you think can alert coyotes to your presence. Also, ensure that you have uploaded your weapon. It's good to have the safety engaged with the loaded gun until you're ready to fire.

Step 4: Avoid Your Scent Because It Matters A Lot

Do your best to avoid your scent because it can ruin your hunt. Try or use anything that you think can help you minimize your body odor before getting out in the woods. When you call a coyote, you should remain downwind of where you expect Coyote to be. It's equally important to pay attention to the downwind because Coyotes usually try their best to travel downwind to get a better idea of what prey they may be stalking.
Also, when you're in the hunting area, you should be aware of the wind direction. If there will be any coyotes downwind of you, that will detect your presence before you ever see them.

Step 5: Call Them In

If you've selected an area that's flush with rabbits, it can be a good idea to use a wounded rabbit call. Also, you should choose your call carefully and don't overuse it. Coyotes consider too much call as danger and not a potential meal.
Also, please note that you need to pay full attention to the time of year. It will help you get the right idea of what animals could be present in the target area where you're hunting. Some animals have a higher chance of luring coyotes in than others.

Step 6: It's Time To Shoot Now

Right after you call coyotes to your position, take in the full scope of the field. It's essential that you check whether only a single coyote is there in the range or if there are multiple animals. Once you’ve assessed the situation appropriately, you need to select the easy target quickly and then shoot. Don't wait too long else you will lose your opportunity.
Also, please note that you should be ready for multiple shots at both long and short ranges, and that's it.


So, that's how you can hunt coyotes during daytime hours. We hope you've enjoyed reading this thrilling post and now you're ready to get the best exciting hunting experience. Also, we hope this guide helps you in hunting coyotes successfully during the daytime hours. Interested in reading more such a guide and get more tips on hunting coyotes during daytime hours? If yes then do follow us to stay updated with all the latest hunting trends and guides. So, that's it for now and thanks for reading this guide.