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Top 9 Most Amazing Hikes To Do In Norway

August 1, 2021

Norway is a country of amazing physical beauty, with a whole range of seemingly untouched natural phenomena to explore on your trip there. If you’re looking for some hikes to do while on your trip, then you’re in for a treat since there is a whole load of really fascinating and beautiful trails that can be completed all around the country. Whether you’re looking to track down some of those iconic ‘fjords’ or to find something more extreme, there’ll be something for you without a doubt. So, without further ado, here are nine of the most incredible and worthwhile hikes you can do in Norway.


The trek to Keipane is one of the more strenuous that you could complete in Norway, but, naturally, has a whole host of beautiful views and moments to make it worth it. If you do the walk there and back from the closest place, Homlong, then it will take you 9- or 10-hours round trip. But the views throughout are spectacular and make it well worth the time and effort.

2. Dovrefjell

Dovrefjell is a trek which can be whatever you make of it. It could be a two-hour stroll on a Sunday afternoon or a two-day long trek. It’s a national park so it’s one of the more popular locations. “What the Dovrefjell walks are most valued for… [is] the possibility of bumping into the majestic musk oxen. You have to go to places as far-flung as Siberia and Alaska to see them in the wild, but this national park has herds of them which you should be able to track down with some searching”, notes Jason Hill, travel blogger at Academized and PaperFellows.

3. Reinebringen

Perhaps the most famous of all of the hikes in Norway, this one requires some energy. It could be better described as an uphill stumble to the top of the Reinebringen. But the views are world beating. It is located on the island of Moskenes and from the top, you look out over the Arctic sea with the Lofoten Wall, huge sheets of granite, shooting out of the water.

4. Aurlandsdalen Valley

This is a spectacular valley. There are lots of trails to choose from, that encounter waterfalls, glaciers, and lakes. The most common choice is the 20 km trail from Osterbo to Vassbgdi.

5. Horseid and Bunes Beach

You wouldn’t think of Norway as somewhere that you’d go for a beach holiday, but it is actually home to two of the most incredible looking beaches in all of Europe. The sand is white, due to the incredibly vast amount of granite in the surrounding area, and the rocky surroundings make for a dramatic surrounding to the clear blue waters. “The beaches are an amazing place to catch the midnight sun phenomenon, though you’ll want to check the dates before getting the camping gear out since it’s seasonal”, writes Andy Robertson, travel writer at AustralianHelp and BigAssignments.

6. Storseterfossen

This is a good one for beginners without the experience for the crazy treks. It’s uphill but the reward for your efforts is an incredible waterfall, one of only very few in Norway that you can walk behind. Definitely, one to check out and can be as short as 90 minutes if you’re being lazy.

7. Gaustatoppen

This is an actual summit and is about 9km of walking to conquer. On clear days it will give you a view of 1/6th of Norway. There’s an ancient stone staircase as well.

8. Floibanen

This tops the list in terms of easy treks. There’s a cable car which completely eliminates the need to hike uphill at all and at the top, there’s a cute little lodge called Brushytten Cabin, with food and drinks and a kids playground. Speaking of kids, this is a great one to do if you have them, trekking back down is like an amble more than a hike.

9. Trolltunga

Probably the coolest on the list. Trolls are a big part of Norwegian culture and this is one of the most dramatic references to them. After completing a tough 20km walk across twelve hours, you’ll reach a giant tongue shape rock edge jutting out dramatically, thus Trolltunga.


You’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice in your trip to Norway, with this selection of hikes with options for all ages and abilities. Get exploring!

Nora Mork is a travel journalist and blog editor at UK Writings and Boom Essays. She enjoys doing yoga, hiking, reading books, and sharing her travel stories at magazines and blogs, such as Essay Roo.

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