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Camping Toilet Guide

Camping Toilet Guide
If you love traveling, camping, or hiking, then it’s a great idea to get a quality camping toilet. The average person usually goes into the woods if nature calls. But this is not always the best option as it can be quite difficult for women when compared to men. With a quality camping toilet, the dangers and challenges that you face when you visit the woods are greatly minimized.
Camping toilets bring comfort, convenience, and safety in the wild away from home. These toilets are usually inexpensive, easy to use, and very hygienic. So, if you intend to go fishing, hunting, camping, or hiking, a camping toilet is a great tool to add to your list.
In this article, we’re going to talk about everything that you need to know about camping toilets. From their features to their importance and how to dispose of waste!

How do Camping Toilets Function?

Camping toilets work with very easy technology. Normally, a simple camping toilet will come with one seat, something that will support you above the ground, and a catching system that will hold all the waste. A good number of camping toilets come with waste bags that enable you to easily dispose of the deposit without having to be in contact with it. If you were to clean the interior of the toilet without the addition of the bag, things could be very messy.

The Importance of Investing in a Good Camping Toilet

No more digging holes

When you go out camping, nature may come calling in the middle of the night, and this may force you to look for a spot behind the tent or a tree to help yourself. You will have to dig a hole and cover your poop, but the smell may not disappear away completely. To avoid all this risk and bad smell, you can get a camping toilet which is not only comfortable and safe but as well as odorless.


Not all people love seating on a toilet, but just a handful love squatting while pooping. A camping toilet provides comfort, and you won’t have to strain. Most of the toilets come with a toilet seat which provides much-needed comfort. It is a good idea to choose a toilet with a comfortable toilet seat.

No more visiting pathetic outhouses

If you have ever visited an event with outhouses, then you know how messy and smelly the place can be. Not all outhouses smell or are dirty, but most of them need regular cleaning. But with camping toilets, you won’t have to use such places any longer.

Features to consider when picking a camping toilet

Construction – when choosing a toilet, you should always consider how it is constructed. Some toilets are poorly made and will easily wobble when you sit on them. Ensure that you choose a sturdy and stable toilet design that will hold a lot of weight.
Compact and lightweight design – it is important that you select a toilet that is not only compact but as well as lightweight. A toilet may be compact but could be very heavy to carry. Therefore, ensure that you choose a lightweight camping toilet that you can carry it with much ease.
Portability – another feature to look at is its portability. The toilet should not only be compact and lightweight, but you should be in a position to transport it with much ease. Some toilets are hard to carry as they don't close properly or are quite heavy.
Simple design – even though looks matter, you should make sure that the camping toilet that you select doesn’t have a lot of features that may make carrying it to be cumbersome and challenging. Instead, select a simple design.
Odors – before you pick a toilet, you should find out of it has odor management features or not. Some toilets are well made and will not smell at all, while others are poorly made and need regular maintenance to prevent them from smelling.
Low maintenance – look for a toilet that you will have an easy time cleaning. Some have nooks and crannies which are very challenging to clean. The easier the toilet is for cleaning the better.
Comfort – Not all camping toilets are comfortable. Look for the one with a lid and large toilet seat for added comfort. Also, the shape of the toilet seat matters in how comfortable it will be.
Privacy – not all people want to be seen when they go for a short or long call. That’s why some camping toilet systems come with their own private system that hides them away from people and bad weather.
Waste disposal - after helping yourself, will you have to dispose of the waste in the bag or does the toilet decompose the poop and turn it into compost? Know how the toilet is disposed of after helping yourself.

Types of portable camping toilet

Bag camping toilets

These are the most common types of camping toilets that you will come across. This is because these toilets are easy to deal with and very convenient. With a bag camping toilet, all the waste is caught in the bag and disposed of later.  Some bag camping toilet comes in the form of flush, but others can be a simple, fold-able toilet. In such a scenario, you may have to seal the bag by yourself unless the toilet has a bag-sealing system.

Flush camping toilets

These are in the same category as chemical toilets. They normally have a reservoir under the seat which you flush after finishing your business. Most of these toilets will use a strong chemical to reduce the strength of the odor while at the same time performing partial disinfection. When this is carried out, it will be much easier for you to deal with the disposal, without having to be exposed to the strong smell.
In addition, some of the flushing camping toilets leave the waste exactly where it is but others separate it and then circulate the chemically treated fluid throughout the toilet tank. The work of the chemical will kill all the bad stuff; so, the toilet will remain very hygienic.

RV camping toilets

Even though some people prefer camping in tents, there are those who love RV camping. RVs are more comfortable than tents, and that’s why some people prefer them over tents. People who love using RVs prefer composting toilets when they can’t dispose of their human waste. These toilets are preferred because they turn human waste into fertilizer that you can safely drop in the garden and use it.

How to properly clean and maintain a camping toilet?

This highly depends on the type of toilet as they come with different instructions from the manufacturer. With regard to where you’re going and how long you plan to be there, you may want to consider how often you will have to maintain your toilet. Imagine carrying a foul-smelling toilet for more than 6 hours from the back of your vehicle.
Maintaining your toilet will depend on the type of camping toilet that you have. Some toilets need regular maintenance while others don’t. For instance, some flush toilets come with their own cleaning deodorizer and agents that will keep the toilet clean for a longer period of time. Nevertheless, you will be required to give your toilet a good clean the moment you get home.
If your toilet comes with a bag, you will have to replace it after every use. More preferably, bags with biodegradable materials are used. These are preferred because they decompose easily when thrown into the waste site.
Cleaning a portable toilet should be done in the same way that you would your home toilet. If you’ve got a clean toilet, you will be comfortable using it and the posterior should be sparkling clean.

How to dump the waste?

When dealing with camping toilets, this is one of the things to have in mind and do it properly. This is because you just can’t leave the waste inside as it will start to stink. As a matter of fact, you should dispose of the waste after helping yourself.
For those who are in a camping ground, chances are that there will be a dumping station or place where you can securely dispose of the waste. In most cases, many manufacturers include disposal instructions on how the waste and liquids in the waste tank or bag should be disposed of.
But for those who are not close to a camping site, have to find a way to dispose of human waste. One of the ways of disposing of your waste in the woods is by digging a hole that is around 6-inches deep and at least 100 meters away from any water source. You should be extra careful not to contaminate the water for animals or even outdoor enthusiasts around your camp.


Carrying a camping toilet on your camping trip, hike, or when going fishing will help you a great deal. This is because camping toilets are very convenient and will ensure that you have a comfortable and sound time when nature calls. These toilets are easy to use, clean, durable, comfortable, and affordable. When choosing a compact toilet, it is important to know what your needs are in order to select the perfect toilet.
Make sure you pick from the best camping toilets list, and they should have positive reviews. A good camping toilet should be compact, portable, and comfortable. Additionally, it should be easy to dispose of and clean. With this information, choosing your next best camping toilet has been made easy.


Question: Will the water inside the water tank in my toilet freeze at night?

Answer: Generally, this depends on the type of toilet that you select. For instance, lower-end toilet models normally have a thinner tank, thus they may allow the water to freeze if it is very cold outside. But also, there are particular toilets that have anti-freezing features. This will insulate the tank and prevent wastewater or liquids from freezing. Alternatively, you can also add a particular liquid within the tank that will avoid solidification of water from occurring.

Question: Do chemical toilets smell?

Answer: Chemical toilets utilize chemicals with the main purpose of preventing the smell. If you follow instructions to the end, there won’t be any smell. As a matter of fact, the chemicals should dry and reduce the odor of the waste in the waste tank.

Question: How Often should I clean my camping toilet?

Answer: Typically, you should wipe your toilet seat after every use. This will prevent the microbes from spreading, and it will make sure that everything is hygienic. Additionally, you should ensure that you get rid of the bag after every use unless you want people to view your waste.
Another thing that will determine how often you clean your camping toilet is its model. For instance, a normal bag toilet that looks like a bucket needs to be thoroughly cleaned after every use. While a flush toilet that looks like a mini-toilet should be washed after every camping trip. But remember, if the toilet is stained or smelly, you should wash it right away.