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Are You A True Hunter?

Are You A True Hunter?
For many years, I have been working with hunters from all over the Atlantic and the majority of them deserve my utmost respect, while others have lost it for a long time. Why I tell you this today is that I would like to give you my definition of what a true hunter is to me. Maybe my definition will vary from yours and that would be normal because I do not think I hold the monopoly of the truth.
But the important thing in this exercise is to become aware of what we do when we practice activity as noble as hunting.  Some people think that the quality of a hunter must be measured solely by the number and quality of the catches he has hung on his walls. I do not necessarily share this point of view because in my eyes the attitude before, during, and after the harvest of a game are as important as the quality of the harvest. On this subject, here are 5 points that, in my opinion, make it possible to differentiate a true hunter from another who does not deserve this title.

1. The Hunting Weapon

Whether hunting bow, crossbow, rifle, rifle, or muzzle-loading weapon, it is the hunter's responsibility to make sure that his weapon is working well before going hunting. In addition, it is essential to have practiced enough and reach a certain accuracy before deciding to shoot or shoot on a game because no animal deserves to be injured by negligence.
In the same vein, it is also important to know the limits of our weapons. Why, for example, shoot a deer at 1200 feet with a weapon loading by the mouth when we know that this weapon offers no more accuracy at this distance. Make sure you wear best-hunting boots when you hunt.

2. The Respect of the Game in its Shooting Decision

At no time should a real hunter attempt a shot if he has a doubt that his arrow or ball may not touch the game fatally. The temptation is great when we have a trophy in front of us and we want to harvest it at all costs.
But what is forgivable for a neophyte is not at all for a 45-year-old hunter with many years of experience for example. A true hunter knows how to intelligently analyze these situations while a fake hunter will make a mockery of hurting one or more big games in the same season because his goal is simply and sickly harvesting game at any price. In the same vein, why shoot a moose at 55 meters when one has never practiced at this distance. In this case, even though the bow can do the job.

3. Compliance with Regulations

To bring venison back to the house is always very meritorious, but when it has been done illegally, there is nothing to celebrate. Hunting always involves respecting the rules, otherwise, we are far from being true hunters. In fact, we become thieves of big fauna.
Yet the temptation is there thanks to the advancement of today's technologies. Indeed, this large male deer arrives at apples 15 minutes after legal time, it would be easy to harvest with a telescope powerful enough to see in the dark but the game is worth it really candle?
If you are a real hunter, the answer is of course ... no! In addition, the almost total absence of wildlife agents in the Atlantic landscape allows, for example, a lot of leeway for fake hunters who, out of the thirst for harvest.

4. The Notion of Team

Many hunters hunt moose or deer in groups. While the real hunter will be happy to share his observations made on the hunting territory, the fake hunter will try by all means to extract as much information from his partners without himself, divulge any relevant information, preferring the keep for him.
When you have the misfortune to have such a fake hunter in your group, it is essential to get rid of it or to put it quickly not otherwise no chemistry will be possible in your group.

5. Tracing of Game and the Preservation of the Meat

We also recognize a real hunter in the iron will to find his game after shooting. I'm not saying that a hunter who does not find his game is not a real hunter. But a hunter who, after a few minutes of research, decides to give up, does not deserve the title of a true hunter.
Unfortunately, this situation occurs too often and with the high density of deer and moose that we know, some fake hunters think they can tap into the resource without restraint and that it is not a moose not found after a deadly shot that will make the difference.
There are also false hunters who do not take all the necessary precautions to save their venison. I remember shouting at a group of hunters who had the privilege of hunting in the Matane reserve. At the check-in station, passing by their beast, a smell of putrefaction almost made me vomit. They had collected a superb male over 50 inches of plume the first day of their stay but they had decided to celebrate for 3 days despite a temperature of over 20 degrees Celsius with my rain jacket. It was sad to see such a beautiful beast ending up in the trash!

More and More People Disavow Hunting Practices

The argument of the hunters has lead in the wing. While France regularly relies on its tradition in the field, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation publishes the results of a survey, commissioned by the IFOP and unveiled by Le Monde on Thursday, December 7, on the reports of French hunting.  It shows that more and more of them are opposed to hunting with hounds, favorable to the establishment of a Sunday not hunted, and feel insecure while strolling in the forest during hunting season.


I could have made several other points like those listed in this text but I think it is enough for each of us to do an examination of conscience because unfortunately this false hunter can easily sleep in us and it is our responsibility to keep it away. No reason and no trophy quest are important enough to act improperly on the hunted game, our hunting partners, or even the law. So, are you a real hunter?