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5 Ways Anti-Theft Bags Give You a Better Experience

5 Ways Anti-Theft Bags Give You a Better Experience
Anti-theft bags are new. Many of these bags are designed to look modern and stylish. But what about owning one? Is it really worth all these claims? Does it really improve your outdoor life? Fortunately, These bags indeed have some appreciating features.  They have 5 specific features that add comfortability to your daily life.
So let’s see the 5 features in an anti-theft bag that can improve your daily life or outdoor life.

1. The Hidden Zippers and Cut-Proof

Admit it. Pickpocketing is prevalent while traveling. It happens all around the world, especially to tourists.
If you didn’t know, 1 out of every 4 pickpocket victims is a tourist.
The most appreciated feature in an Anti-theft bag is the hidden zippers that open from the back. This feature hides the zipper on your back, which means more protection against pickpockets. Since no one can open your bags without you noticing. These bags also offer 180 degrees and 90 degrees opening from the back. If the bag does not have those hidden zippers, they usually come with a zipper-lock where you only open your bag with the right code.
In pickpocketing, this is what a typical scenario would look like:
Two people, one trying to grab your attention and another try to take advantage, slice bag and monetize his time. With A cut-proof material, you can successfully fight them back. Anti-theft bags come with multiple padded front sides and cut-proof material that makes it harder to cut through the bag which transfers into a safer outdoor experience.

2. USB and headset port

These days we use mobile technology way more than ever before. It’s frustrating to run out of battery especially when traveling. Often we carry a Power bank, so you can always have your phone fueled. Anti-theft bags make it a little bit easier for you as bags usually come with the inbuilt power bank with charger slots where you charge your phone without holding both your phone and power bank. They also have an earphone slot so you can also listen to music without holding your phone all the time.
With these features, you can charge and listen to your favorite playlist comfortably.

3. Waterproof Material

Don't you hate it when water sneaks into your bag and spoil some important files and valuable accessories? The waterproof features on Anti-theft bags can be extremely helpful for travelers and hikers alike. Particularly when you have valuable devices and documents inside your bag. Remember you are outdoors. You are going to run yourself into different conditions. Staying weatherproof is a great deal as it helps you avoid a lot of headaches.

4. Compartments and Pockets

Compartments are essential in all types of bags. Regardless of the size of your bag, you are going need different compartments to accommodate different things. These compartments help you better organize all your accessories. Usually, anti-theft bags come with added secret compartments and pockets for laptops and other devices. Along with the usual compartments, they also offer hidden cardholders. You can also find cardholders on your shoulder straps which make it easier for you to get access to your cards. And our needs for bags are also different. As these bags also come in different shapes and sizes, with the right research, you can find a bag that suits your needs.

5. Wireless Security, RFID Protection and Night Protection

Not all Anti-theft backpacks have these features. But it is a great feature where your bag allows you to connect it with your phone. You can easily connect your bag to your phone where you receive an instant notification on your phone when someone tries to get away with your bag. Night-time protection is amazing when you're traveling at night, more added protection to your stuff.
The next important feature is the RFID protection. With technology, it is easier to steal your identity. With RFID pockets, you can securely accommodate your important things like passport and credit cards. Night protection is designed to help those of you like to travel at night.
On the front they usually include a reflective material with a reflective coating on that will reflect the light fine. This will ensure your safety in the night time in case if you decide to travel at night.


Anti-theft bags can be a great deal for those of you looking for a worry-free outdoor experience. They protect you from pickpockets and also keeps your accessories comfortable inside the bag. Even though I mentioned some of the key features of the bag in this article, each bag has different specifications. So do your research before you purchase one and make sure it has all the features you need.