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Best Hiking Destinations Around The World

Best Hiking Destinations Around The World
I love adventure, I love traveling, and I love seeing the world. I love my freedom, I love making friends, I love nature and I love my life. I have traveled the world, seen many beautiful sunsets, and I have tried my hands on doing things that make me happy. I have tried sports including swimming, kayaking, and skydiving, but nothing has given me satisfaction like hiking. I do not have much money, but I have been privileged in one way or another to travel the most spectacular places in this beautiful world, for the love of hiking. Hiking and camping are beyond fun.
Talk to trailblazers, mountain climbers, or mountain bikers, and they will confirm to you that hiking is another word for “outdoor adventure” by all standards. My first hiking trip was an experience that changed my life forever. It was a two-week business seminar in Europe. I met a friend while on a plane to Europe, and he promised to walk me around during the weekends to keep me busy. This guy took me to the Alps, and it was an adventure of its kind since it was my first time going for real packed, adrenaline walk on the mountains. It is during this hike that I made a connection to nature.
I have never gone back since then, I have walked on the steepest mountains, gone to mountain peaks, and riding bicycles in the most dangerous routes. I have enjoyed close encounters with the wild, including gorillas, tigers, and wild dogs. I have made many friends around the world, and I am happy that I can share my travel and adventure experiences with the world.
From my experience, here are the best hiking destinations you must visit:

1. Inca Trail, Peru

The Inca Trail is a famous hiking place frequented by hundreds of thousands of people all around the year. It is a 33 km long ancient trail laid by the Incas. The trail begins from the Sacred Valley and travels through to Machu Picchu. Along the way, you move your way up and down the mountains. You get to enjoy spectacular high cloud forest and white-tipped mountains. Inca is South America’s most famous hiking, riding, and walking trail.

2. GR20, France

GR20 is a France trail built in 1972 and spans about 168km. This trail starts from Calenzana, Balagne and travels to the north of Porto Vecchio, Conca. On your way, you will encounter mountains, rickety bridges, forests, rivers, ice, and bogs among others. Calenzaan is located near Calvi, and to get to Calenzana, use a local ferry or use Saint Catherine airport. Take a bus from Calvi to Calenzana.

3. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Climbing Mount Everest is the peak and the meat of hiking. Mt Everest involves intense climbing and reaches amazing and dizzying heights of up to 5,500m high at Kala Pattar. The memories of the long valleys and very beautiful mountain walls and scenery will never fade away from my memories. Nepal has good and safe road networks. If you plan to start the trekking from Nepal, then the best route is to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla airport. Lukla airport is close to Sagarmatha National Park. There are several guides who can show you around.

4. Indian Himalayas, India

Even though the Indian Himalayas is not as famous as Mt Everest, the Himalayas trail gives a true adventure to the hikers. This is ideal for those looking forward to medium long treks taking about 24 hours to complete, running from Spiti to Ladakh. You scale high heights and pass through cliff edges. Himachal Pradesh has 12 different districts, and your aim is to move from Spiti in Lahaul. Manali is the most common route, where people access through a plane traveling from Delhi. You can also access Manali through a train. There are also bus services that can conveniently take you to the destination when you have more time.

5. The Narrows, USA

The Narrows, USA trail covers more than 26 km. It passes through numerous dramatic canyons that were curved for hundreds of years by the Virgin River. The Narrows passes through Zion National Park. This is good for those looking forward to a unique way of having adventures, which is mostly swimming through the river or wading. It can take a day or more to travel across the Narrows depending on whether you want to pass by the natural springs and hanging gardens to catch more fun.

6. The Haute Route, France-Switzerland

The Haute Route spans from Chamonix through to the southern Valias. It moves upwards to Switzerland, Zermatt. The route traverses some of the most scenic and highest parts of the country accessible to hikers around the country in the Alps. These are log routes and require that you prepare more adequately, with some taking up to two-week journey. You want to be physically fit to fully explore these routes, most professional hikers love the Haute route due to its length. It is also good for those looking forward to several day treks and camping.

7. Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in East Africa, Tanzania. The mountain peak reaches 19,340 feet. It is the highest peak in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro is suitable for both learners and experienced climbers. It does not require special equipment to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, and this is why it receives thousands of climbers every year. Mt Kilimanjaro is beautiful, with vegetation ranging from banana at the feet of the mountain, and glaciers at the top slopes. If you love the wild, then Mt Kilimanjaro is the place since it is home to Kilimanjaro National Park, where there are all kinds of African wild animals like lions, leopards, hippos, elements amongst others.

8. Santa Cruz Trek

Santa Cruz is another hiking for both less experienced and experienced hikers. It is the most popular hiking and trekking trails in the White Mountains of Peru. You get to enjoy an epic view of turquoise lakes, meadows, snow-capped peaks, and red quinoa trees. Santa Cruz Trek is also ideal for bikers and long distance walkers.
If you are adventurous, and you love nature and outdoor activities, then try hiking. These are some of the greatest hiking places I the world. I have chosen these destinations because they are well known as some of the best hiking destinations, providing good transport options, have several hikers following the routes around the year and you can also access hotels and restaurants. When going hiking, ensure you have the right tools (ex: trekking poles), never go it alone, get some friends to make it fun, and plan for your trip in advance by doing the research and talking to the experts.