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5 Places That Every Traveler Should Visit

5 Places That Every Traveler Should Visit
Discover unknown travel destinations and how to travel for free. Delve into this article which presents you with amazing locations from all around the world and chooses your favorite destinations. Read everything you need to know!
Traveling is an activity that will provide every person with a huge amount of confidence, knowledge, and experience. It can also be an excellent deviation from the day-to-day mundane life, which can only serve to increase the stress levels. If the person is a seasoned explorer or they are traveling just for the sake of fun, it is ideal to plan out the travel in such a way that it manages to cover some of the incredible and stunning places in the world. Every traveler will be going to see the commonly explored regions, which usually attract a huge number of tourists throughout the year, of the world.
However, traveling can become even more fun when the individual knows about the best places to visit which are not thronged by tourists. After identifying such a destination, it is important to pack the travel bag and head out exploring the world. Here are some of the six places that do not get a lot of attention but is still a must-visit for every wanderlust.

1. Turkmenistan’s Door to Hell

5 Places That Every Traveler Should Visit
Turkmenistan may not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to thinking about a travel destination. However, it has one element that makes it a must visit for the traveler. The Darvaza gas crater – or ‘Door to Hell’ as it is popularly known – is a large crater located in the Ahal Province of Turkmenistan. It is a natural gas field but it collapsed into a crater a few decades ago. In order to prevent the escape of methane gas, geologists intentionally set fire to the place but it has not stopped burning since 1971. It is quite a popular destination amongst the serious travelers and more than 50,000 have visited the site in the last five years.
It is extremely dangerous to go near the crater due to the intense heat and 2014 was the first time a human set foot at the bottom. Explorer George Kourounis was able to place his feet on the bottom after being well protected with thermal insulation. He ended up collecting samples of microorganisms from the bottom.
The fact that the crater has been burning non-stop for more than 40 years has made it a must-visit tourist destination in the world.

2. Spitsbergen’s Pyramiden

5 Places That Every Traveler Should Visit
Spitsbergen happens to be an archipelago that is located in Norway high up in the Arctic Circle and it is difficult to spot on a travel map. It is one of the closest destinations to the North Pole. Unsurprisingly, it is a very remote destination and visitors are likely to encounter more polar bears than people. However, Russians used to live in this place not too long ago when it was a mining town. However, it has been deserted since the early 1990s. Today, only a few scientists and Russian guides are capable of living there and continuing their research. Few tourists do make it up to this place in order to witness the reminiscent of a proper Arctic town.
Unlike many of the travel destinations that can be visited throughout the year, it should be remembered that Pyramiden is accessible only during high season. Once the peak season goes away, it is almost impossible to access Pyramiden through a boat. Now, the likes of a snowmobile become the only source of travel. It is certainly not one of the places to travel alone.
A strong reason to visit Pyramiden is to experience the Arctic ghost town in its full glory. It is possible to explore all the abandoned buildings but one needs to just keep an eye out for the polar bears.

3. Pacific’s Vanuatu Island

5 Places That Every Traveler Should Visit
The Pacific is the home to numerous islands, which offers spectacular tourist destinations. There are a lot of archipelagos that attracts thousands of tourists every year, but this in itself spoils the beauty of the same. This destination, however, has the potential to offer more than just any tourist resorts or cruise destination, according to travel blogs. An ideal archipelago should come with a deep blue ocean, excellent weather, and deserted beaches. Even though Vanuatu island happens to possess all these features in great abundance, it is not thronging with a lot of tourists. Since it is listed as an endangered country due to natural hazards like volcanoes, earthquakes, and tropical storms, it is least frequented by travelers.
Even though there is a risk of natural hazards, it also results in a paradise that tourists can enjoy as if it was one of their own. Any tourist who wants to have that feeling of excitement at the back of their mind must visit Vanuatu Island. There are few places in the world where one can stare at a potential volcano eruption whilst still basking in the deep blue ocean. It is also possible to stare into a crater filled with magma or snorkel in deep blue oceans.

4. Bhutan’s Tiger’s Nest Monastery

5 Places That Every Traveler Should Visit
Bhutan is famous for a load of monasteries that are dotted around this country. However, there is one monastery that is iconic than the rest – Tiger’s Nest. It is one of the best places to travel when young due to its location. This structure is situated on a cliff near the Paro Valley. There is a huge deal of tradition and history that is associated with the country and the various monasteries, but there is not much to come out of Tiger’s Nest – due to its difficult location. It is possible to get some amazing views of the mountains and forests around. Every visitor is allowed inside the monastery but reaching it is actually one of the most difficult tasks. One needs to hike for around five hours through extremely dense forests and also climb over a waterfall in order to reach the monastery.
Bhutan is located high in the Himalayas and it is widely perceived that the people in this country are among the happiest. The Kingdom of Bhutan has a philosophy index that is used to measure the happiness of its citizens. Bhutan is also famous for never having been colonized in history and this makes it very authentic in terms of culture and tradition. It is not surprising that Bhutan is not one of the unknown travel destinations but not many people know about the Tiger’s Nest. The trek and the hardship required in order to reach the monastery may be immense, but it will be well worth the journey. Since it is not meant for every individual, it also happens to be quite an expensive trek.

5. Tuvalu

5 Places That Every Traveler Should Visit
Tuvalu is certainly not one of the destinations that will come to the mind when thinking of how to travel for free. It is because this remote island in the Pacific Ocean can be a haven for nature lovers with its pristine waters and uncluttered beauty. However, it is slowly disappearing off the radar due to global warming, which is having a major impact on such beautiful nations. The warming climate has led to a significant decline in the ability to habitat this island. Sea levels have risen a lot in recent years and this has affected the inhabitants of Tuvalu, who are forced to undergo drastic measures in order to save their livelihood and homes.

Unknown Travel Destinations Are Amazing

There are a number of places that have been marked in danger due to global warming. Even Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is not immune to the warming of our planet. The low-lying countries like Bangladesh still have the ability to tide over a few decades before they get trapped in the system of rising sea levels, but the same cannot be said about Tuvalu, which is already facing a major fight just to keep away the sea waters. It may well become the first country in the world to drown. As a result, it happens to be a must-have in the grand circle travel plans before the island is gone for good. Even though it may be just like every other Pacific island with white sand and deep blue waters, the history associated with the island along with the likelihood of not witnessing the same in the next few years certainly makes it a valuable addition in the small travel trailers.
All the six places are must visit for a traveler who is looking to get in the off-beaten path and visit some of the lesser-known destinations in the world.