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Top 10 Healthy Travel Snack Ideas

Top 10 Healthy Travel Snack Ideas
When it comes to traveling, healthy eating is one of the foremost things that is often ignored. There is certainly need of added convenience, though it doesn’t mean you need to take along packaged goods or wrapped boxes. Conflicting the popular belief, you can take a lot of food as long as it meets the guidelines of the airport. Packing your snacks helps in fulfilling the temptation of stocking up your beloved chocolates and fresh fruits. Here you go with some of the healthy travel snack ideas you might be looking forward to.

1. Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are among the simplest take-and-go healthy travel snack ideas. When choosing fruits, you should consider buying a handheld version that is not easily crumbled in your carry-on. Typically, apples and bananas are the best choices. You can grab your favorite fruits prior to leaving your home. Also, fruits are commonly found at most check-out of airports and coffee shops.

2. Popcorn

Though you can buy many kinds of popcorn varieties at grocery stores, the added flavors and sodium in several brands make them a less than perfect choice. Popcorn is definitely a tempting snack that can be made at home and wrapped up for a savory treat. All you need to do is pop it on the stovetop in some butter or coconut oil and season it according to your taste from sea salt to nutritious yeast, paprika or cinnamon.

3. Proteins Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins packs assure good health since collagen keeps your skin, joints hair, and nails fit and strong. So now you can have an additional beauty glow while at the same time keeping yourself active. Since it has no taste, you can blend it in your morning juice, mix it in your smoothie, or shake it in your afternoon tea.   

4. Yogi Tea Packets

Speaking of tea, it’s an all-time favorite item you would love to carry along. Many of us are fond of lemon-ginger for its gastric and stomach relaxing benefits while honey lavender for its comforting and soothing effects. To be very honest, regardless of how much you like traveling, it can be quite stressful at times. Therefore, it’s always nice to end your day with a delicious and relaxing herbal tea.

5. Cheese

Calcium in dairy items significantly helps in improving muscle movements. Apart from that, dairy comprises of amino acid tryptophan which helps in producing melatonin. If you are unable to fetch a glass of milk for yourself, a great substitute is cheese slices. Though look for cheddar and other specific types that don’t emit a strong smell.

6. Nuts and Fruit Bars

Consider choosing bars made with some real ingredients such as whole nuts and fruit, so you know exactly what you are eating. For instance, if you like a dark chocolate mocha almond bar which is approximately five grams of sugar, you can meet your sweet-tooth needs without any guilt. Speaking of healthy travel snack ideas, you may pass on the almond and mix things a little. Nuts always make for a healthy choice, and you can make it even more delicious with other dried fruits and candies. Instead of using standard peanuts and almonds, you can choose something different such as pistachios or cashews. Also, pistachios have relatively less fat per serving compared to almonds.

7. Rice Chips

Rice chips are an excellent option for a gluten-free snack. Not only they are just full of flavor and crunch but also won’t upset your stomach in case you have allergies or celiac disease. They perfectly pair up with dips and spreads such as nut butter or jam. If you want an added kick, rice chips make for a perfect combo with wasabi and fiesta lime.

8. PB & J Sandwich

You can always fix yourself with an instant peanut butter and jam sandwich breakfast on your expedition. You can place it in your zip-lock bag and pop it anything when you feel having a breakfast boost. Though it is advised to have the peanut butter and jelly spread on your sandwich before going through security check so you don’t have to worry about TSA regulations.

9. Chocolate

You can always get your sugar fix with Raw Chocolate Coconut Crisps. Coconut is rich in fiber which significantly helps in the digestion process. You can take along small bite snacks so you don’t have to go overboard with sugar. Since we say snacks need to be healthy doesn’t mean they can’t be permissive. Dark chocolate goes a long way to help satisfy a sweet tooth, particularly on long trips. Opt for dark chocolate instead of a milky one as it provides you with maximum nutritional benefits.

10. Dried Vegetables

Bring your favorite dried veggies snacks along and eat on your exciting visiting sites. Kale Chips are not only crispy to eat but they are healthy too. You can find several awesome dried veggies chips from any local market. Find your preferred veggie so you don’t feel like missing your home.

Final Thoughts

Packing your healthy snacks help you resist your temptation to buy something unhealthy. If you are committed to stay on track with your diet or follow a specific meal plan, packing your healthy travel snacks make sure you will stay on track with good health. Have a happy and safe traveling!
About the Author:
Danial Fletcher is a content marketer who works as such in a firm. He is a writer by the day and a reader by the night. He has a passion for helping people in every aspect of online marketing flow and awareness by covering different niches. His enthusiasm in writing has brought him a long way. He has a record of accomplishment of writing blogs and articles that benefit everyone in their everyday life issues. Other than being a creative writer, he also performs copywriting services for different businesses.