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Inspirations To Give Your Living Room A New Look

Inspirations To Give Your Living Room A New Look
Decorating the interior or a living room is fun and exciting too. It imparts a fantastic look to space, even when its size is small. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to opt for the right design ideas that can unlock the living room's potential. In this article, we will see some impressive decoration ideas that can enliven your home with a renewed look.
Ways of renewing your living room

  1. Creating camouflaged storage units in the living room:

While including storage units in the living room, camouflaging is quite essential as this will stash away the clutter, making the room appear more spacious and tidy. This sense will be reinforced if you use furniture available in simple shapes and is strongly recommended when the size of the living room is small. These can be either near the ceiling or anywhere as per the available space in the living area.

  1. Use attractive statement pieces

It is a good idea to keep 1-2 statement pieces of reasonably large size in the living room and ensure that the rest of the area is free from clutter. This can be a large table lamp, some engaging artwork or an armchair decked with an excellent fabric, etc., which can quickly draw the attention of anyone visiting your house. Using this technique in a small room will divert the mind of a viewer from its size. In a large-sized place, a few such statements pieces can be incorporated to add to its charm.

  1. Get extra storage through the use of baskets hung on walls

This is an excellent idea, especially when your living room is not very spacious. It not only creates a clutter-free floor but also gives you enough space to store things while tidying up the room at the end of the day. Willow baskets are an excellent option to be considered here as they add to the appeal of the living area besides being strong enough to hold things. Use embellishing hooks for hanging such baskets on the walls for a great look.

  1. Trying a fresh paint coat on the room:

A room without fresh paint lacks luster and seems to be empty despite all the furnishings. Coating room walls with inspiring colors can revitalize the living area. This is one of the most comfortable options that are budget-friendly and can result in a complete transformation of the area's look as well as feel. In case the room is small, you should opt for lighter shades to make it appear spacious, and if the living area is big, use the color you love and that which suits the furniture and things belonging to the room.
Here are some tips for choosing the color for your living room:
  • A calm grey tone can be a good option instead of standard white for a crisp and stark appearance that creates an inviting ambiance in the living area. This is a great option when you are not ready to choose a bold color.
  • For an elegant and formal look, you can opt for the deep green with grey undertones. This deep hue will result in an enveloping atmosphere in the room. Using lighter tones of sofa and rug in the living room can grab the guests' attention towards them, though warmer wood tones and dark leathers are equally valid.
  • A gleaming and comfortable room should be painted in a creamy taupe. The furnishings with neutral hue and the darker ones can easily stand out in a place with purple and grey undertones. Though it is a bold color option, it bears the potential to impart a classy and refined look to your living area.
  • A bright color can be used for a warm and energizing feel in the living room area. Gold color with a deep beige tinge is a perfect example of such a color. Even yellow can be used as it will make the furnishings stand out. If you do not want a deep yellow, go for a softer butterfly yellow shade that creates a neutral effect.

  1. Use flexible furnishings for expanding your small living area:

Today there are fantastic furnishings that are flexible enough to fit into a small space and thus prevent a cluttered appearance. A bed or coffee table with a storage unit, using a bookshelf as a divider between the rooms, etc.. are some of the available options. Such kind of multi-functional furnishings come with elegant designs that add to the decor of a living area.

  1. Combining vintage with modern pieces:

This helps in adding some old world charm that creates a feeling of uniqueness in the living room. If you have sizeable antique storage units, then you can combine them with a bold color. Dark wood tones go well with a light hue and patterned textiles. Similarly, chairs with bright fabrics can be kept beside such antique pieces to create a perfectly balanced look.
Antique pieces with a rich history can also be added to the living room decor, which will stand out among the rest of the furnishings. Ornately carved table legs or those with x-bases can enhance the modern space's eclectic vibe when you have furniture portraying the luxurious craftsmanship.
The lighting fixtures also have a retro style and modern style. The retro-style favors the dark atmosphere created by warm yellow light bulbs, and the contemporary style favors the cold white lighting experience. If you like retro style, you can choose retro bulbs to match your retro style furniture.

  1. Showing off exciting objects:

If you have any favorite belongings that are worthy of being portrayed, then place them on the open shelf. It will make the living area more interesting for anyone visiting your home. You can also add decorative pieces of hanging light to add elegance to the room.

  1. Getting the right kind of media to stands for your TV:

It doesn't matter what the size of the TV you own is; a sub-par setup can never provide you with an enjoyable experience while watching shows on it. This is the reason why the right media unit is highly essential. Besides this, it also has a significant impact on the living room decor.
Make sure that the TV stand is wider than the TV base to prevent an unbalanced condition. Also, a more extended top position leaves space for placing decorative items such as vases, showpieces, a few books, etc. Based on the color of your walls and the other furniture in the room, you can opt for one that complements the whole setup.
You must try the ways which have been explained above to make your look appear much better than before. Such kind of renovation, when employed in the living room area, bears the potential to create a revitalized atmosphere for anyone visiting your home. Therefore, if you need some different kinds of change, go for these techniques.

  1. Hidden lighting

Driven by the popular trend of bedroom design, more and more people like hidden lighting. It can be protected from the ceiling, making the bedroom decoration very beautiful, especially suitable for low ceiling rooms. The representative of hidden light is downlight. Usually, the body of modern luminaires is white and can be integrated with the wall. Not only can it be used for essential lighting, but it can also be used as auxiliary lighting to illuminate some artworks and decorations. There are also adjustable downlights and dimmable downlights to meet more needs.
ENUOTEK can also provide you with more lighting solutions to meet your different design requirements.
After reading the above suggestions, are you able to get some small inspirations to transform the living room? If it helps you, get started!