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Laguiole Knife 101: A Complete Guide

Laguiole Knife 101: A Complete Guide
You need to carry a handy knife at all times. It is a risky world outside, but that should not mean that you stay cooped up in your home. Venture out with a trusty knife! It can be a weapon in adverse situations, and a trusty side-kick for everyday situations (like opening a corked bottled)! Now, a survival knife would not be the right knife. So, what do you do? Carry a pocket knife!
There are many kinds of pocket knives, one such amazing example is the Laguiole knife. It is a classic French pocket knife. Do you have any idea about these light-weight and discrete knives? Well you should, it can be life-saving at times!
What is a Laguiole Pocket Knife?
These knives have been aptly named after the small Southern French town of Laguiole. It is a special knife that has been made in Laguiole, since the early 1800s. The technique of making these knives has been passed down for generations. The Laguiole pocket knife is a beautiful knife that can be used safely, even by amateurs.
The same technique has also been used to create beautiful cutlery pieces! Did you know that in some cases there are 216 intricate steps involved in the creation of the knife? Isn’t this an interesting fact?! Well, it is! Such an old knife making technique is bound to have a few interesting trivia involved with them. So, own one today! Nowadays, in UK knives like Laguiole are being made, but only recently.
How do you choose the Laguiole Knife you want?
There are many types of Laguiole pocket knives. You really need to assess the different applications you might have to choose the right knife. Here are some questions you need to ask:
  • Do you want a traditional or modern Laguiole pocket knife?
  • Will simple Laguiole pocket knives are good enough, or would you need a multi-purpose Laguiole pocket knives?
  • Do you want Laguiole pocket knives that are tough and strong or delicate and fine?
  • Should the knife look like a knight in shiny armour or a dark knight?
Answer these questions and you will have the perfect knife! If, you are still confused, talk to the experts at reputed stores. These stores have an extraordinary collection of Laguiole pocket knives in the UK.
What are the applications for a Laguiole Pocket Knife?
Whether you are an adventurer or a plain Jane/Jack, you need a handy knife. Laguiole knives are the best knives to carry in your pockets. Here are some applications for the Laguiole pocket knives:

  1. It can be a handy tool for small tasks like scrapping wood or cutting rope to build shelters when you are out in the wild.
  2. Are you out on a picnic and need a corkscrew? Well, some Laguiole pocket knives come equipped with one. Even if it does not have a corkscrew, the knife tip can be used to effectively open bottles.
  3. Out on a fishing trip? A Laguiole knife can help cut through tangled lines to get to the hook.

Remember to take care of your Laguiole knife, because if the knife is not maintained appropriately, it cannot help you with such tasks.
How can you take care of your Laguiole Pocket Knives?
Taking care of your laguiole pocket knife is easy if you know how to do it right! So, here are some tips and tricks to maintain the knife perfectly and keeping the blade sharp:
  • Never wash the blade under running water.
  • Use a wet soft cloth to wipe the blade. You could also use a kitchen towel.
  • A dishwasher is a big no, for any knife. The Laguiole pocket knives are no different. Keep them away from a dishwasher.
  • While cleaning the knife, refrain from using detergents and hot water (anything above 500C). These factors aid in destroying the handle of your Laguiole knife.
Now, you are equipped to own an authentic Laguiole knife! Go out and explore the numerous possibilities. The stores around the UK have a huge collection of various Laguiole knives. Find yours, and start venturing out with confidence!