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How To Go Camping For The First Time

How To Go Camping For The First Time
We know there are many people who always wanted to have camping experience, but they could never have. The main reason behind that is may-be because they think camping means a lot of preparation and task. If you are one of these people, then this article is for you.
Yes, it is true that to make successful camping you need to do a lot of things. On the other side, it is actually not that hard like you are thinking. If you are going for a camp for the first time and you are nervous about how you can manage everything then this article will help you a lot. Here, we have talked about some of the important factors related to camping which will make sure that you don’t have to face any hurdle in your camping.

Location and Time

How To Go Camping For The First Time
The first task that you need to do is, decide when and where you want to go camping. For the first time, don’t go too far from your location. Decide whether you want to go to the mountains, beach, lakes, deserts or somewhere else. Once you are e clear with your location you need to set the date.
As a beginner, go on weekends with other people. It will be safer for you. No matter where and when you are going make sure you have checked the weather forecast and have planned according to like that.

Get Familiar With Your Gear

How To Go Camping For The First Time
As you are going out for a camp for the first time it is very common that you will find some things a little difficult. For example, setting up a tent. Therefore, try to get familiar with your tent before you go to the campsite. Practice at your backward or in a playground to learn how you can set your tent.
If you practice before then you don’t have to waste time at your camping to figure out how you need to set up. The best thing as a beginner you can do is, go for a pop-up tent which automatically sets up.
Not only with your tent but try your sleeping bag also. It is better to find out before that your sleeping bag is not that comfortable than in the camping site.

Purchase The Correct Size Tent

How To Go Camping For The First Time
A camping canopy or tent is the most essential item of our camping. To determine the perfect size of your tent always count the numbers of people who are going to be present in the tent. It is always better if you buy one size larger than you need. So that you have more space.

Camping Checklist

How To Go Camping For The First TimeAs a beginner, you must have a camping checklist. It is a very common mistake by many campers that they don’t make any checklist. You may think you can remember you're essential items, but in reality, there is always something that you may miss if you don’t make a checklist. A camping checklist also helps you to stay organized. Keep checking your checklist and revise the list before you start your camping.


How To Go Camping For The First Time
A very basic thing, but many people forget to bring it in the campsite. There will be no lights in the campsite, except for the common places. And if you are going out for wild camping then you cannot forget this one. Try to bring more than one so that if one is not working you have a proper backup. You don’t need to bring any fancy or expensive lights, just a normal LED light will be good enough.

Plan Away Ahead of Time

How To Go Camping For The First Time
Just after you have decided that you are going camping, start planning. Don’t just wait for the last minute to plan your camping. Now planning doesn’t only mean taking important things with you. Have a good knowledge of your location.
Where you are going, what is the rules of the campsite etc. Get a clear knowledge of the whole site. Make sure you are planning to arrive at the place early. Especially if you are going camping in the mountains or in deserts then arrive within noon, not after that. How you will reach the site also plan that before.


How To Go Camping For The First Time
You need to bring simple and easy to make food meals. Try to bring food which is high in protein as you need a lot of energy in your camping time. Rather than jam, bring peanut butter with you as it will meet your hunger more.
To keep yourself hydrated, bring different types of juices and obviously normal water. Don’t forget to bring a lot of food storages bags or dry bags where you can keep your food before and can dump your food waste.

Camping Activities

How To Go Camping For The First Time
Make a plan for different camping activities that you want to try out. If you are planning any water activities, then plan your clothes according to that. You can go climbing also. If you want to try some indoor gaming, then make sure you have the necessary items. It is very important that you plan how you are going to spend your time at camping.

First Aid Box

How To Go Camping For The First Time
Last but not least, don’t forget to take your first aid box. Along with the box take any kind of medicine that you think you may need an emergency.
There is always a first time for everyone. No one was an experienced camper. There are many reasons for going to a camp and no reason for not going. Just try to follow these simple steps and we are sure that you will have a wonderful time.
Make sure you have kept the campsite neat and clean. Take enough bin bags with you so that you can keep the waste separate. There can be some unexpected situations in the camping, but don’t worry about that. You will learn from that and in your next camping, you can apply your learnings. So, don’t worry and be a happy camper.