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Holiday Camping in Australia

Holiday Camping in Australia
The Land Down Under is one of those dreamy destinations that every traveler and globetrotter wants to visit at least once in a lifetime. But a single trip can never be enough for you to experience everything that this vast, rich, and utterly beautiful country has to offer, because it’s not just about its sprawling cities – it’s also about exploring the wonders of the outback. Now that the holidays are upon us, the time is just right to escape to a warmer corner of the world such as Australia, and take on a camping excursion of a lifetime.
But before you book your flight and arm yourself with the best outdoor camera, there are still some key considerations that require your attention if you are to organize yourself one amazing holiday escapade. Here’s what you need to know about camping during Christmas and New Year in the wonderful land of Oz.

Our Top Holiday Camping Tips for Australia

Pick camping spots near the cities

Camping takes planning and diligent research, especially if you’re traveling with the whole family and if you’re flying halfway across the globe. Now, while this does mean that you need to go online to find the best camping spots in terms of functionality and the amenities they offer (some campsites are completely free but provide nothing but a parking space for your car or campervan), the most important consideration for you right now is to find the campsites that reside near the cities. Why?
Because you are traveling during the holidays, and you don’t want to miss out on the festivities that take place in those thriving urban environments. Sure, driving all the way to the Ayers Rock Campground in the Northern Territory for a day or two is fun, but there are many other campsites that are close to, say, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth that will allow you to hop over for some city fun with your loved ones when you feel like it.

Arm yourself with the right camping gear

One of the most important considerations is, of course, the camping gear. Every experienced camper and hiker will tell you that you have to bring the right type of gear for the local terrain, climate, and other conditions, especially if you’re headed into those regions where dangerous animals live. Of the most important camping gear you should bring is the sleeping bag, a tent, foldable chairs, a multitool, a flashlight, a basic survival kit, a camp stove, a first-aid kit, and a capacious external battery for all of your electronics.
These are the essentials for any camping trip, but for Australia, it’s important that you’re mindful of the local climate. While it might be winter in the US, Australians are currently sizzling under a hot summer sun, so your camping gear and clothes need to be light and breezy. You will also need ample sun protection so bring your sunblock, a wide-brim hat, and a portable fan.

Get covered for every eventuality

There is no telling what might happen on an adventure, especially when you’re visiting a foreign country where people drive on the “wrong” side of the road, and where wallabies have a frequent tendency to lounge in the middle of the road at sunset. Australia might be a pretty safe country, but that doesn’t mean that you should skimp on your insurance. In fact, this should be non-negotiable.
Insurance policies tend to cost a hefty sum for faraway destinations, though, so it’s important to compare insurance quotes and find an insurer that is flexible and able to accommodate all of your needs. Remember, you will need to get health insurance, but you will also need to get adequate car and contents insurance because you will be driving across the country to your campsites.

Bring detailed maps of your destinations

The intricate Aussie countryside can be quite confusing to newcomers, and the last thing you want to happen is to get lost on your way to your destination or to lose your bearings as you’re exploring the natural wonders that surround your campsite. Among the most important unwritten rules of camping is the rule to always be mindful of where you are by bringing a detailed digital and physical map with you. You can also draw routes in your smartphone so that you know exactly where you are and where you should be going.

Pack light foods and stay hydrated

On a final note, remember to pack the right type of provisions for your trip, because different climate conditions require you to optimize your nutrition. When it’s freezing outside, then calorie-dense, fatty foods are the way to go, but when you’re camping under the scorching Aussie sun, then light foods should be the foundation of your menu. What’s more, you should bring plenty of fresh water with you, because you never know if drinking water will be available at your campsite, and don’t forget to bring a water purifier just in case.

Parting words

Australia has some of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the world, which makes it one of the top destinations for globetrotters and adventurers. If you are looking to fly away to a warmer destination this holiday season and spend Christmas and New Year exploring the outback, then be sure to take these tips to heart in order to organize an unforgettable camping trip in Oz.