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Create A Camping Area In Your Own Backyard

Create A Camping Area In Your Own Backyard
We all want the best for our children. Being a parent is such a challenge as we want our children to be happy and experience many things. On the other hand, we also want them to be safe and we have the urge to monitor everything they do in order to be able to protect them in the best possible way. However, we need to allow some sort of a trade-off between safety and freedom so our children could have a normal life.
The best way to make them safe is to take it easy and try your best to teach them to protect themselves while they enjoy new experiences. In that respect, you need to take it to step by step and when it comes to introducing your kid to outdoor activities, perhaps a tryout in the backyard is exactly what you need.

Our Tips for Camping in Your Own Backyard

Build a tent

Create A Camping Area In Your Own Backyard
People feel that a lack of camping equipment is an obstacle. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can always opt for some DIY and make it a part of the adventure. Collect some wood and old sheets and create your own camping site. You’ll probably want to spend the night, so make sure to equip yourself with sleeping bags and some blankets, depending on the weather conditions. There may be rain, so make sure to use some kind of water-resistant material to cover the tent. Of course, you can always return to your house if the weather gets too severe, but try to stay and make sure to cover all possible mishaps.


Create A Camping Area In Your Own Backyard
Camping surely is fun on its own, but you also need to think in advance and at least create a loose plan of activities or some backup when it comes to entertainment. For instance, you can use paint to create an improvised Twister mat on your lawn or get an outdoor rug and play all sorts of games without worrying that you’ll get cold or that you’ll damage your rug. You can play cards, charades, Monopoly or anything you have and enjoy. On the other hand, you can also do something both fun and useful and make your own mosquito repellent bracelet. When it gets dark, you need to have some kind of a light source and the fire will burn out eventually, so you can stock up on some candles and old jars you no longer need and put candles inside them. Being in a jar will make the lit candle less of a fire hazard and you’ll be able to sleep peacefully.

Cooking over a Campfire 

Create A Camping Area In Your Own Backyard
There’s no camping without a proper barbecue. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. In that case, it’s just more fun added to your camping experience. You can teach your kids to light a fire and use a terracotta pot for lighting it instead of ruining your lawn. Make sure to layer your pot with aluminum so your pot stays safe, too. Buy the meat and veggies you want to eat and prep them in your kitchen. Make sure to put all the spices and bring salt and pepper with you, as well as bread and anything else you will need. If you have a refrigerator bag, it may be a good idea to take it with you to keep your drinks cool. However, if you have a well or a tap in your yard, you can just use a barrel full of water to keep everything cold.


Create A Camping Area In Your Own Backyard
If you have a USB projector that you can connect to your phone, you can have a cool outdoor movie night by hanging a white bedsheet on a rope and screen a movie. With all the discrete lights around you and some snacks, it will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. If you have a yoga mat, you can put it under your sleeping bag for a much comfier night’s sleep. If not, just embrace the experience regardless of the possibility of having a stiff neck tomorrow. Camping is not about being comfortable but about being a scout and being able to be one with nature and cope with all its challenges.
All in all, camping in your backyard is an amazing experience and everyone living in a house with a yard should do it at least once a year. You can make it a tradition with your kids while they’re still too young to take on actual camping. In the years to come, you can upgrade the experience and go camping somewhere in the woods or any other camping site. It’s great preparation for real camping and it’s the type of fun that brings the whole family together.