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4 Unwritten Rules That You Must Follow When Camping

4 Unwritten Rules That You Must Follow When Camping
Camping is all about going out on adventures and having fun. It is a great way to spend time the greatest gift of mankind, which is nature. You can go camping solo or with some of your close ones. If you love camping, you must think about nature and other fellow campers. There are some camping etiquettes and rules that one should follow. It is to ensure that you along with the other fellow campers in the future enjoy the camp.

1. Keep the site clean and tidy

There’s colloquial camping saying ‘take out what you bring in’. This is a very important rule, as you should not make the place of your camping so untidy and dirty, that the next campers feel uncomfortable there. There are some places that might charge fines if you make the site of camping dirty. Even if there is no such strict rule, you should make the place clean before you leave so that Mother Nature stays clean and happy as well as the upcoming campers like you. When you are done camping, and it is time to return back home, you can clean up the. Cleaning is therapeutic as well, so it becomes a part of camping.

2. Keep the fire out

One of the biggest fascinations for camping is a bonfire. Camping is almost incomplete without a warm fireplace. Although bonfires can be really comfortable and fascinating during the winter season, there is a ground rule that every camper must follow. Campers should remember to put out the fire whenever they are going off to bed, or inside the tent. Not putting out the fire can lead to accidents, and you can hurt the nature or just destroy the place. To avoid such horrible accidents, campers must not forget to put out the fire before they are leaving the fireplace. Always keep an eye on the fireplace to see everything is fine and under control. After putting out the fire, just follow the general rule of thumb, that is, to place your thumb on the coal or ashes to see if it’s cold. Always keep a bucket of water near the fireplace for safety. You do not want to ruin your camping adventure because of a fire accident.

3. Do not disturb other campers; be aware of noise and light

Since camping is an activity that is full of fun and amusement, campers often forget that there are other campers near them as well. It is important to respect their privacy and their way of camping. There can a camper who is camping solo, or with someone just for the sake of taking a break from a busy life. Whereas, there can be a group of college friends camping, and having fun. They must realize that they should respect the quiet hours, and should not make too much noise or flashlights on the other campers when they are sleeping. Having fun is alright, but disturbing someone else’s fun is not. Since camping is done in a shared place, it is important to respect your camping neighbors.

4. Take care of your pets and keep them under control

Pet dogs are a great companion for camping. Some people just go camping solo with their pet dog, and it is extremely therapeutic. Almost every camping place allows pet dogs for camping. Although taking your pet dog for camping is a good decision, you must keep in mind of a few things while camping-
  • Always keep an eye on your dog. Dogs get fascinated easily when they see nature and might wander somewhere where they should not, or chew on something hazardous.
  • Make sure your dog does not disturb other campers. If they bark continuously, it can irritate other campers. Also, you have to keep an eye on your pet dog, so that it does not wander to some other camper’s area and poops. Do not make other camper’s area of your dog’s bathroom.
  • Clean up after your dog defecates, to keep the place clean and tidy, and to prevent foul smell.
Most of these camping rules will come from experience and will work as common sense. Till then, happy camping!