The Best Camping Food

Best Camping Foods

The Best Camping Food

Are you thinking of camping(don’t let the thought of bugs hold you back, because it shouldn’t)? Do you feel like you should take your family to one of the many amazing areas for hiking and camping throughout the world? Well, if yes, then you must figure out wilderness nutrition! You’ll agree with me that there’s much more to consider than the nutritional makeup of the food you bring! Perhaps other factors should be considered. One of these factors is fun. Camping is all about fun. And the food you make only enhances the joy you’ll experience in the great outdoors. So the food to choose should create an aura of fun around you.

It is worth noting that to maintain the quality of your food the USDA recommends that hot food remain hot and cold maintain a cold temperature. This will finally translate to a not only more fun experience, but a safer one as well.

I have made several hiking and camping expeditions. From my experience, the following foods can make your hiking and camping experience fun and enjoyable.

Canned Beans

This is one of the kitchen pantry staples, but when brought to camping sites, the flavor doubles! Generally, because canned foods are lighter and more versatile they’re the best foods to carry, eat, and cook while traversing the great outdoors.

Canned beans are the best food since they are easily heated. The awesome thing about canned beans is their ability to mesh with other foods. They combine into delicious treats with almost any other food.

For our case I put the beans directly over the flame. I then proceeded to add diced tomatoes, corn, pepper and salt. When they were ready, I put them in a taco with some sautéed meat. It fed our whole family and it was a huge hit.

We also combined the canned beans with frankfurters and it was magical. The whole camping site was full of fun as we enjoyed this delicacy.


This is an abbreviated form of the words “Meals-Ready-To-Eat”. These are foods that have been pre-packed and are usually designed specifically for the military. They are rich in content and can make the whole experience of camping unique. I opted to try to stick to this type of food on my first camping trip. We knew we wouldn’t be able to get any camp fire going.

As luck would have it, the food did more than we expected. This was wholly because its taste was unique and delicious. Another advantage of these foods is their versatility and weight as they’re lighter compared to carrying the ingredients to cook a meal. I got these MREs from the Army surplus stores. It is worth noting that you can also buy these foods online which my friend Anne had initially suggested.

Trail Mix

This is one of the most known versatile forms of food carried during camping excursions. There are two choices when it comes to trail mix. I like to buy it prepared or another one may wish to prepare their own trail mix at the camping site. I recommend leaving the prepackaged trail mix behind and focusing on making your own perfect blend. These may include some dried fruits, seeds, and nuts. You might want to look for flavored nuts like spicy pumpkin seeds, tamari almonds, and curried cashews.

In addition to that, for the dried fruits, you have a broad spectrum of choices; cherries, figs and raisins. Ideally, the trail mix has a unique natural taste which makes its flavor out of this world. The excitement from this coupled with that of trying new dried fruits and flavored nuts will make your trip memorable.


One of the most outstanding ways to boost your protein content during a camping trip is fish. Tuna, salmon, and sardine are among the most readily available canned fish (sometimes they are in foil pouches). In particular, I bought salmon chowder which was sold in foil packs. Our camping trip was a blast not only because of the beautiful outdoors, but the delicious food we munched on.

However, there are those who opt to go fishing while camping. Sometimes there is nothing as fun as camping around a lake. This is because there will be a lot of sun, and fishing is pretty fun. Nothing tastes better than the fish you caught cooked on an open smokey flame. But, make sure you carry a very sharp knife! You’ll need to fillet your fresh catch of the day.

I also made sure to bring tin foil with me! This is super important because you need it to cook whatever you catch. Steaming it in tin foil over a campfire adds a delicious smokiness. However, it is worth noting that you should check out whatever local websites (review sites in particular) you can to make sure the fish are plentiful. The last thing you want is to travel with intentions of fishing and then there are no fish!

While camping, it is a blast to keep food the focal point(aside from the beautiful outdoors, but thats for another post)! This is because its taste plus the camping atmosphere makes camping so much fun and an overall exceptional experience. If you creatively choose the best food to be your camping food, it goes without saying that you will have a great experience with incredible memories. It will sparkle moments of pure bliss and fun. It is a basic rule of thumb that for the most fun during camping, a smart dish for dining would do you a world of good.

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