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Is Camping Fun?

February 6, 2016

Is Camping Fun?

When some people think of camping, they tend to imagine forest fires and getting gored by bears. However, this is not the case; it is highly unlikely any of these two actually ever happen. In most cases people who have been on a camping trip once always want to do it again. There is so much to do out there in the wild.

Why is A Camping Trip so Much Fun?

One of the reasons you should go on a camping trip is the stars. For a person like me who lives in the city, I always enjoy a trip out into the untamed hinterland. It is always an opportunity to gaze upon the stars in the night sky. If you live close to the city, there is a chance you only get to view a small number of stars. Bringing along your telescope or binoculars can definitely spruce up a camping trip. It can be an opportunity for you to learn a bit of astronomy. You would be surprised at the number of astronomical events that take place each day. For instance, there are wonderful meteor showers that can be viewed in the night sky if you know where to look.

The food on a camping trip also tastes sweeter. This is one of the things I have noticed on camping. Generally, when you cook your food out in the open, I have noticed it has a unique taste to it. One reason for this may be that you are far away from the toxic fumes of the city, which can dull the taste buds. In addition, with so much going on, most of us on camping trips have no time to snack. As a result, when you actually get to sit down to eat; your body is more receptive to the food. Your appetite also tends to improve when you take part in physical activities.

A camping trip presents you with an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones. This is one of the reasons it is so much fun. In the city, technology has completely taken over our lives. This is especially a great problem for those with teenage children. You will notice that the kids tend to spend most of their time staring at their devices. In addition, spouses may be bogged down in work even when they are at home. This is one of the challenges technologies. Essentially you are still at work even when you are at home due to ease of connectivity.

Going on a camping trip presents you with the opportunity to bridge this gap. Essentially, in the wild, there is very poor coverage. As a result, family members have to sit up and listen when you speak. Thus, it is a great opportunity for people to develop the emotional bonds, which may seem to fade due to city life.

It is the experience of a lifetime. There are few activities that are more fun in this world than sitting by a campfire. It presents one with the opportunity to reflect upon their life in a way only possible by a camp fire. It is also an opportunity to share genuinely scary and heartfelt stories. For small kids, it presents them with an opportunity to connect with the adults in a unique way. By the campfire, you learn things about your kids and other people you did not know before.

Reasons People Give for Avoiding Camping

Besides the imaginary bear attacks, another reason given is that the outdoors are filled with bugs. This causes some to stack on mosquito repellents when they go on as camping trips. Another common device people carry is an electric lamp that zaps bugs.

If you are going to be in the outdoors, you need to genuinely experience it. One of the devices that can help you do this is a lantern. Not those electric lanterns but an oil-powered lantern. There is an authenticity that comes with using an oil lantern. The lantern is very easy to set up and can be quite effective in repelling bugs. One only needs to add some repellant into the oil and then light it up. This is quite an effective way to enjoy the outdoors. In addition, the light from an oil lantern can be just as bright.

However, when using an oil lantern, one needs to be mindful of safety. For one, the substance used to light up the lantern is flammable. As such, young children should only be allowed to use it under strict supervision. Additionally, the oil for use in the lantern needs to be stored under special conditions. The UV light from the sun may reduce its effectiveness as a bug repellant. As such, it needs to be stored under a shade. In the case of a spill, the clothes need to be immediately taken out and dried if it is not possible to have them washed immediately.

A Few Pointers

In order to avoid wild animals from coming close to your tent, store your food a distance away. Furthermore, the food needs to be stored above ground. This will discourage any would-be scavengers. This needs to be done consistently or the scavengers will just hang around for the opportunity to steal it.

If you are going camping out in the wild, it would be a good idea to do so in groups. I have always found that groups of about four people work best. These groups come in handy if you get lost. There is always safety in numbers. It is also more fun if go on a camping trip in large numbers.

If you are going to go on a camping trip, always remember that safety is important. Never leave behind important implements such as an extra pair of boots or a good sleeping bag. Furthermore, avoid bringing your expensive gadgets along with you. You probably will not need to use them anyway. However, if you can, bring along a communication device especially if you have never been in an area before, it comes in handy in case you drift from the trail.

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