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Types Of Bicycle And It's Ultimate Guide

Types Of Bicycle And It's Ultimate Guide
The decision to get a new bike is easy for some rider. Deciding out specifically what type of bike that determines to be a little more challenging. One you search for, you find there are various types and dozens of styles. This especially depends on you, which riding style do you prefer. It also is hard to know which bike is a perfect fit for you. Read this guide to find out the perfect choice for you.
Bikes are classified into an apparently endless number of categories and sub-categories. The list will help you to know all the multiple styles and features.

1. Mountain Bike

Types Of Bicycle And It’s Ultimate Guide
Mountain bike is designing for riding on rough off-road trails. This has durable flat & upright handlebars for hitting on the hill. This bike using 26 inches to 29-inch knobby tires which allow to ride in dirt & over barriers. Most of mountain bike use suspension to ride on the trail with much more comfortable.  MTB's only front suspension is called hardtails. Front & rear suspensions both are called full suspension bikes. Without suspension of MTB called a rigid bike. MTB is perfect for touring & commuting bikes. Wide tire bike called fat tire mountain bike. This bike perfect for riding on hills, sands & wet roads.

2. Electric Bike

Types Of Bicycle And It’s Ultimate Guide
An almost new participant in the cycling world. This bike less than a decade old. This bike run by a motor which is much powerful. In electric bike use 500 watts to 750 watts motors. This bike price range is medium to high. If you want to purchase 300-500 watts motors at 400 to 600 dollars. You also buy a higher power rated motor like 750 to upper you need to spend 750 to 1000 dollars. The electric bike also pedals assist. You can ride with this bike power of motors & also with pedals. This bike is also called an electric motor bicycle & also called e-bikes.

3. Road Bike

Types Of Bicycle And It’s Ultimate Guide
The road bike is also a popular bike among riders. Some of called this is a racing bike & some of called 10-speed bike. Basically, this bike made for speed. It used the narrow tire for rolling fast & far. Road bike use disk version & without disk version. Disk version is most popular. Bike manufacturers are not only made this bike for men also for women. Women's have specific models for riding. Women's body shape is different, So the women's road bike design geometry is changed not similar to men's road bikes. Nowadays women's are dive into riding the bicycle.

4. Hybrid Bike

Types Of Bicycle And It’s Ultimate Guide
Hybrid Bikes are originally considered to provide the advantages of both road bikes and mountain bikes. Their upright handlebars & large padded seats provide a comfortable riding. For short distance riding, commuting, chores around town this bike is best. It also perfect for brick roads, wet roads & shaky roads. But it not capable to ride at off-road trails. This bike tire is medium width with a smooth tread. For the tire this bike ride on road much more smoothly. Some of the hybrid bikes are used front suspensions & some are rigid. The front suspension gives you comfort & smooth ride on bumpy roads.

5. Cyclocross Bike

Types Of Bicycle And It’s Ultimate Guide
Cyclocross bikes designed like a road bike. This bike drop handlebars like a basic road bike. These bike tires are little wider & perfect for off-road also. A cyclocross bike frame is very durable because the manufacturer uses aluminum & carbon fiber on this bike. This bike has two versions, one is single disk version & other is double disk versions. This bike capable to climb up a hill like a mountain bike. This bike also called cross bike & CX bike.

6. Touring Bike

Types Of Bicycle And It’s Ultimate Guide
Touring bike is other special types of a road bike. This bike is designed to be ridden on pavement, wet road & long distance riding. They have stronger handlebars with front suspension. This suspension gives you smoother rides. They have a lower gear range related to regular road bikes to allow more loads up on steep hills. This bike is much more durable & this is a perfect choice for the rider.

7. Adventure Road Bike

Types Of Bicycle And It’s Ultimate Guide
An adventure road bike is the newest category of bikes. This bike also called all-road bikes, any road bikes, gravel bikes. This is a subcategory of a road bike. Like cyclocross bike, they have drop handlebars & used wider tires. The frame shape is longer & more upright like a cyclocross bike. This bike has a high saddle to ride comfortably. This bike perfect for tall men for long or high seat positions. This bike is perfect for commuting, city riding & light touring.

8. Fixed Gear Bike

Types Of Bicycle And It’s Ultimate Guide
Fixed gear bike is similar to the road bike. It has drop handlebars, upright saddles. Some commuters like fixed gear bikes. This bike design is so simple which is easy to maintain. This bike has a single gear, not the ability to coast. So you need to speed up you must be pedaling more. This bike doesn't use disk brakes. This bike also called in short as fixie bike, single speed bike, track bike.

9. Folding Bike

Types Of Bicycle And It’s Ultimate Guide
The folding bike is an idle bike for who need to travel by their bike. This bike is foldable so we called it a folding bike. This bike frame designed is perfect for riders. It has an upright saddle or upright handlebars. This bike is small & perfect for that rider who lives in small rooms. It also perfect for customers who need to take their bike on bus, train & boat for the river crossing.   Folding bike has smaller wheels. These bikes wheels are perfect for road, wet road & shaky roads. You can fold your bike in any palace & also carry on your back. It's very lightweight but the frame is much more durable. It's a frame made of high tensile steel, carbon & aluminum. This bike perfect for short people & who have a small room for living.


Basically in the market their lots of collection of bikes like a mountain bike, road bike, electric bike & much more. No matter what types of bike you choose, make sure it fits you. Bike selection is depended on you I already told that. Choosing a bike depends on your body shape & riding style. We talk in this article about many types of bikes. Hope it will help you to choose a perfect bike for you.