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Tips To Put On Your Graduation Regalia the Right Way

Tips To Put On Your Graduation Regalia the Right Way
So it’s your big day, and you are finally going to wear that graduation regalia that you worked so hard for. Well, first of all, we would congratulate you that you have made it so far and you’ve finally achieved another milestone in your life. It’s not easy, and not everyone can make it till here. 
Now that you are about to become an official graduate, you should know how to put on your graduation regalia in the best possible way. It’s weird how the regalia is the simplest outfit, yet it’s too hard to put on and a little complicated too. Almost all the graduates wear this outfit for the very first time, so they get a little confused whenever they try to put it on. We thought of this as a serious matter, which is why today we are here with some of the best tips that explain how to put your graduation regalia the right way. 
Do take notes, and if you have the regalia with you, try to practice wearing it by following these tips, especially if you want to look the best you can on your big day. 
1- Adjust the gown properly 
Adjust the gown properly, especially on your shoulders, and make sure that it’s sitting right. When you adjust your gown, to check if it’s fitting right or not, just look at your shoulders. If the gown falls exactly where it should and if it isn’t falling off your shoulder, then know that that’s the right fitting. Another way to check the right fitting is to make sure that the gown is falling below your knee, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be so low that it trips hazard for you. 
2- Put the hood on your head with the velvet side up
Now when it comes to the hood, you are supposed to drape it around your neck and make sure that the largest portion of it is hanging just down your back. This is for those students who are graduating, and this one is not important for Doctoral students. To find out why you can search the internet, and you’ll get a lot of information on it because Doctoral students wear their gowns in a different. 
3- Securing the hood 
There’s a cord on the front of your hood, and all you have to do is to secure that hood to a shirt button so that it doesn’t slip off. You can easily use a small safety pin to attach it with your shirt or your blouse, just the way it fits right. Just ensure that the hood isn’t so tight around your neck that it’s creating breathing issues for you. Make sure to leave some room between your hood and your neck to avoid any discomfort. Fasten all the buttons, zips, and hooks securely, and if you have a graduation sash, make sure that it’s not hiding the hood. You have to wear it and then adjust it properly. 
4- Let the colors are visible 
The last and the most important thing is to let the colors show and don’t let them hide in your gown. You are supposed to keep the Penn colors, the red and the blue outside, and then roll your velvet in a way that the inside colors can come out and be visible when you wear the gown. 
These are some of the best tips to follow to wear your graduation regalia, the best way. It’s not that difficult, and with a little effort, you’ll definitely be ready for your big gown and the big day. Happy Graduation!