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Tips for Staying Fit When Traveling Solo

Tips for Staying Fit When Traveling Solo
Who doesn’t want to travel around the world?
Whether it is about going into the woods or snow, most of us like to explore the world. We roam around, we experience different cultures, we make memories and what not! However, traveling solo comes with a major obstacle and that is, the extra effort that we have to put for staying healthy.
Amid of the tight flight and train schedules, hotel stays, being into unconventional places and so on, we sometimes can’t follow our regular health regimen. Hence, while traveling solo, it is required to walk an extra mile to stay fit and fine. Fortunately, there are various effective staying healthy tips which you can follow while traveling alone. Some of such best solo travel tips to stay in shape are as follows:

1. Take some time out to exercise

When you are traveling alone then exercising might not be something convenient to do. Hence, you need to manage it well and thus, the solo travelers like you can continue to remain fit. Some of the important tips to remember here are:

  1. Do some light exercises and yoga early in the morning at your hotel room itself.
  2. Start your day while visiting an open ground where you can stretch your legs and hands.
  3. Don’t wear earphones while exercising. As you are a solo traveler, you will feel more secure and aware of your surroundings while doing so.
  4. Continue exercising while traveling alone and thus, you will be full of energy all the time.

2. Hydrate yourself enough

While traveling solo, it is very easy to forget drinking water regularly as you’ve to manage everything alone. But, it is a must for staying healthy. Especially, if you are in a country where the water in the tap is not safe then your urge to drink water get remarkably less.
However, it could be the biggest reason for fatigue and dehydration. Thus, you should make smart moves to remember drinking water regularly. One of the best ones among them is making sure that you are having a bottle of water with each and every meal. If you empty just three 600 mil bottles during the three meals of your day then it will let you end up drinking 1.8 L of water just at the meal times! It is the foremost criterion to stay healthy and fit while traveling alone.

3. Go hiking

To get yourself involved in various physical activities is a great way to keep burning the extra calories while traveling alone. For example, if you go hiking or trekking, it could be a fun experience of course and also, you will stay fit and fine. So, be physically active as much as possible and remain healthy while you travel the world alone.

4. Eat smart meals

No! Don’t do dieting. Rather, just remain a bit more aware of what you are eating. Instead of indulging very much on too many fast carbs like rice, potatoes, and noodles, you can just try making a balance and that’s it. Look for a combination of lean protein (chicken, tofu, eggs etc.) and good carbohydrates (colorful veggies) while you sit for your lunch and dinner. It is one of the best health tips to remain fit and fine while traveling. All that you need to do is just act a bit smart, choose such restaurants or eateries which offer a perfect amalgamation of nutrients in their food and that’s it. You will end up staying fit at the end of your vacay.

5. Purchase a suspension trainer

Many people thrive on strength training these days and traveling alone can often be a problem in their daily routine. If you are one among them then buying a suspension trainer is the smart trick here.
They are very cheap and lightweight. You can easily carry one in your backpack. And, interestingly, all that you need is a door and very little space to make use of this excellent exercising equipment. So, don’t miss your serious muscle workout while traveling alone and let there be that great energy in your body to enjoy the adrenaline rushing experiences.

6. Take the stairs

Climbing stairs are one of the best workouts for both cardio and strength. It can be done inside or outside. You can take stairs whenever you can and avoid using lifts (at your hotel, at a shopping mall or any other place). It will help you not gain any extra weight while traveling alone. Precisely, you can set a time limit of 20-30 minutes and continue climbing stairs at your hotel up and down to burn the extra calories.

Summing Up

Aren’t these health tips really effective to stay fit while you are traveling solo? Keep these simple ideas in your mind and you will surely end up maintaining your health during the caravan.