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The Things Most Forgotten When Traveling on the Road

The Things Most Forgotten When Traveling on the Road
Nothing's worse than starting a hike or long-distance venture into the outdoors and realizing you've forgotten some key items. It's an annoyance and, more importantly, it's often costly to replace must-have items when you're already on the road. Creating a packing list that encompasses all of the items you usually need when traveling on the road is a good way to avoid these mishaps. These lists can be constantly updated, and easily kept on a phone app. Plus, when you do realize you’ve forgotten an item, you can easily add it to the list.
Get started by creating that list right now. Maybe it's based on a recent trip or you can start planning ahead for a forthcoming one. Here are some of the most-forgotten items:

  1. Water Bottles. You could also include a flask, or any other item you may use to transport liquids, but not having water is no fun especially on long hikes. Staying hydrated and refreshed is key for any traveler and losing your source of hydration can ruin your whole experience.
  2. First-aid kits. These kits could be life-savers in case of an emergency. You'll want to bring a kit that'll have essential items like disinfectant and band-aids. Make sure always to have one present no matter where you venture out to.
  3. Much like water, you won't want to forget this item. Having snacks packed will help you power through some of the tougher parts of your journey. Plus, if the worst happens and you're stuck or stranded somewhere, you'll be glad you have rations to tide you over until help comes.
  4. Many of us like to carry our phones wherever we go and the outdoors are no different. For many, their whole lives are practically tied to their devices, so leaving the phone behind would be devasting. People do often misplace their phones though and it’s pretty common to forget to pack it if you’re not the type who carries it in your pocket. These can be very expensive to replace, which makes it a number-one item to keep track of.
  5. Chargers. You know you have your phone or other mobile devices, but are you sure you packed the charger? You don't want to get stuck with a low battery on your phone, especially if it's your only GPS-capable device. It's often forgotten, and it’s an essential item that should be on your packing list. These chargers can be exceptionally expensive to pick up while traveling, easily costing $100 or more. Don’t leave this vital item behind.
  6. Proper shoes and other attire. Having a pair of comfortable, yet reliable shoes are necessary not just for navigating the terrain you're going against, but also for the health of your feet. Same goes for attire. If you're going to be venturing into areas with either excessive heat or cold, you'll want to remember to bring clothes that play to the environment.
  7. Reliable transportation. You may not immediately thing about this one considering you’re venturing outdoors, but most people need some type of transportation to get to the area they want to explore. If you’re venturing on your own, you’ll want to make sure you’re in a safe and reliable vehicle. The nice part is vehicles nowadays have added in features to help get you to your destinations safely such as 360 surround-view cameras.
  8. Books. Traveling is a fantastic time to catch up on reading. If you need to rest for a bit or just waiting around, it's a nice item to have. You could even bring a guidebook to help you navigate your way around outdoors. No matter how you like to indulge in a good story, make sure you have it readily available.
  9. Pills. If you take supplements or prescription drugs regularly, you don’t want to realize they’ve been left behind. It’s a common item to forget because you might leave your pillbox out to take them right before you leave. Replacing these items can waste a lot of time and money, so make sure they take top billing on any packing list.
  10. OTC pills. If you depend on OTC pills for headaches or to help you sleep, don’t forget to bring them with you. Headaches and insomnia can particularly strike when you’re traveling, and these pills can be a great way to help get over jet lag or settle into a new environment.

The more you travel, the more you’ll realize what travel items are a necessity for you. Expect your packing list to grow and evolve over time—just make sure you adjust your list accordingly.