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The Health Benefits Related To Kayaking

The Health Benefits Related To Kayaking
Kayaking is a kind of water sport that requires paddling and a dry bag and is done using a double-bladed oar and a kayak which is a small boat. This boat or the kayak comes in lots of sizes. The types of these kayaks vary as well depending on the use that is intended for them, however, most kayaks come with covered decks that are made to keep the feet of the kayaker enclosed. The traditional kayak is made for a single paddler, but there are other types of kayaks as well, like the tandem kayak made for two and even three people.
Kayaking is a versatile form of sport and can be easily done in any water body. It is also common to find kayaking being paired with other forms of activities like fishing or camping. Kayaking, when paired with fishing, is known as fish kayaking and is a great way to approach fish in a stealthy manner. Fish like cobia and flounder are preferred to be caught in this manner, owing to their tendency to get spooked easily when applying other methods.
There are a variety of applications that a kayak has and each application has a special build for the kayak. White one type of kayak is used for racing another type is used for whitewater courses. There are a lot of other applications as well and choosing the correct kayak accessories which include kayak gear or kayak paddles is necessary to guarantee ideal results as well as safety. Rivers, lakes, oceans as well as zones that are meant for surfing are ideal for kayaking. Since there is a vast variety of applications and types of kayaking, everybody starting from a novice to an expert can enjoy the great sport of kayaking.
Some people take up kayaking for the ease with which a person can learn the sport while some people take it up in order to complete epic challenges and get an adrenaline surge. However, the most significant factor that makes kayaking so attractive is the health benefits that it has. It is a very low impact sport that can give you a lot of exercises and also improve your health.
Health benefits associated with kayaking
Kayak paddling is an excellent way to keep your body fit and healthy. Apart from the physical benefits that kayaking has, a number of factors also make it ideal for the promotion of good mental health. Kayaking is a relaxing and peaceful pastime, which can prove to be highly beneficial to your body and your mind, allowing your body to gain the strength it needs to gain and your mind to take the break that is so healthy for it.
Mental benefits of kayaking
The benefits that kayaking has on the mind of a person are numerous. Some of the most important ones have been enumerated here. They are as follows:
  • Ideal for strengthening your mental health- Kayaking is a great way to promote positivity and clarity in the mind of a person. It is an ideal exercise for a person with depression. Kayaking is a sport which involves the activity of utilizing your entire body for propelling yourself in a forward direction. For people with depression, who usually have a very low evaluation of their self, kayaking serves as a great way to make them realize that even they are worth great things. The physical activity associated with kayaking is responsible for releasing endorphins in the brain which also helps a person feel cheerful. The sense of tranquillity that is attached with paddling across a serene lake is also unparalleled.
  • Stress reliever- Stress is a very harmful thing for the human body and can be the cause of a number of ailments, both of the mind and the body. Kayaking is possibly the best way to distress yourself. Nothing seems better as compared to the tranquility that is associated with the feeling of getting to float in the heart of calm waters. The physical activity associated with the water sport is also responsible for making you sleep better at night.
  • Your social circle gets increased- Socializing is a very important part of having a healthy mental state and is probably one of the most overlooked aspects. Humans are inherently social animals and enjoy the company of other people. If you are one of those people who hardly have any friends or are stuck in a job that takes away all your social life try going kayaking. You would be able to meet a lot of new people and you can even join kayaking clubs to learn the sport and also increase your social circle.
  • It helps in giving a boost to your confidence- A large number of people are suffering from the harrows of depression and it can take a huge chunk out of their self-confidence. Kayaking is a sport which is quite easy to learn and has a great potential of filling you with confidence about the things that you can achieve. This confidence is important to take on other challenges in life.
  • Great for mental focus- It is a proven fact that any kind of physical activity helps boost mental focus. Kayaking is no different from this reality and is a great way to help you focus on your work if you find yourself drifting.
Physical benefits of kayaking
Kayaking is a form of sport and thereby a form of exercise. Any exercise is good for health. Some of the health benefits of kayaking have been described below. They are as follows:
  • Kayaking is great for cardiovascular health- Any form of exercise is great for building up a healthy cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular health is very important for keeping a healthy heart. However, most of the other forms of exercise can tend to be boring owing to them a repetitive task. Kayaking, on the other hand, is a form of exercise which is done amidst nature and therefore aids in being a great distraction, while providing you pleasure. As a result of many times while kayaking you might not even feel the burn of exercising.
  • Helps in building up core strength- Core strength is very important when you take into account the different aspects that are associated with the bodily strength of a person. Core strength is usually built through the exercise of the upper and lower abdomens and building up the muscles that are situated there. The balance and control that is associated with the sport of kayaking are ideal for building up such strength in those particular muscles. The turning of a kayak is dependent on the turning of your core portion of the body. Every time you turn a kayak you are actually putting these muscles to use. Over time they get well developed.
  • It helps tone the legs- The turning and balancing of the kayak are also dependent on the pressure that is being applied by your legs. The consistent application of this pressure over time serves as an isometric exercise that helps develop the muscles in your legs.
  • It is a great exercise for the backs and arms- Kayaking is a sport that involves the lats in an excessive manner. The paddling that is an intrinsic part of kayaking involves the use of your lats at every stroke. The sport of kayaking can be compared to doing a seated cable row or a single arm dumbbell exercise in the gym. The action of paddling involves the stretching and contracting of the arms for paddling focused over a long period of time, thereby helping your arms and especially your back to gain considerable strength.
  • Increases stamina- Just like any other physical activity, doing kayak paddling over a long period of time helps in building your stamina. Over time you will see that you can continue paddling your kayak without getting tired as soon as you used to do earlier.
There are physical benefits which are associated with every form of exercise, but kayaking is one unique sport that also serves as an exercise to improve physical as well as mental strength. Choose the right kayak accessories, kayak gear, and kayak paddles and start your kayaking journey today in order to reap the many benefits that this sport has to offer.