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The 5 Best Sunsets

The 5 Best Sunsets
A good sunset can be a wonderful spot to share a special occasion. Many people like to take a date out onto the beach during a sunset, propose to their fiancé as the sun is descending into the horizon and have that sunset create a wonderful backdrop to their special moment. However, a great sunset will make that special occasion a wonderful memory to keep for years to come. I can not sit here and talk about places that I have not experienced yet, I can only share with you the places I have seen those great, unforgettable sunsets at. Sit back and let yourself escape into the memory of my top five sunset locations.
Annapolis, Maryland
With the Naval Academy in the background and looking over the Severn River, you will see the gold's beaming in on this magnificent school. The history is will display as you are reminding of the many men and women who began there journey of protecting America here as the lights will shine against the marble and stone walls of the college. I remember the first time my eyes experienced this beauty. I was only a young teenager visiting her brother during parents weekend and as we were walking down the street and him explaining to me what he does at each and every spot on campus, the colorful burst caught the corner of my eye and for a small moment in time, my brother and I stood there in complete silence and let mother nature allow us a small moment to remember for years to come.
Boston, Massachusetts
I am a huge sports fanatic and every time my family and I travel we make sure we are able to catch some sort of sporting event in that town. Of course while we were in Boston, Massachusetts for a weekend one summer, Fenway Park was on the top of our list to check out. Luckily the Redsox were having an evening home game one Saturday that was not sold out. As our family is sitting on the 1st base line towards the outfield I had my camera in hand to take pictures of the game. Hello, I am a mother of 2 boys and of course a camera in our hands is like one of the biggest necessities of life. The sun was setting just behind the 3rd base line as a foul ball was hit into the stands. The colors magnified the other on lookers of the game to a point of a picturesque seen. Usually the beams of a sunset are golden but this one sparkled to match the enthusiasm of the men and women waiting to catch that souvenir ball.
Atlanta, Georgia
Since I live only an hour away from one of the hugest cities in America, I had to include it in my top five lists. Most people will think a sunset in Atlanta can not be very amazing because of the summer pests and due to all the high rise buildings blocking the wonderful view. But there are tons of ways to avoid mosquitos and they definitely shouldn't hinder exploration. In some parts of Atlanta it can be very hard to witness the sun looking as beautiful as its sets. However, if you travel up 85 North right before you curve into the 75/85 connector, you will be presented with the city's tallest buildings all cuddled together. Hit that spot just as the sun is about to descend behind them and you will realize beauty can be found in any situation. It reminds me of how a fast paced lifestyle can slow down for one moment in time and cherish the serenity.
Panama City Beach, Florida
Of course a beach would make my top spots. I am sure everyone has a favorite beach sunset memory but does yours include white sandy beaches with greenish blue sparkling water? The gulf coast has always been known to have the most beautiful beaches and a lot of that is due to the wonderful sunsets that occur there. Whether you are sitting on your balcony of your high rise condo, relaxed in your chair with toes deep in the cool sand, or even fishing from the piers you will not be able to escape the beauty the sun has to offer over Panama City Beach once is starts lowing in the sky. That is why I consider it my second best site to witness a sunset. It will engulf you in its beauty. You will be surrounded by the wonderful images that only yellow and gold's can display bouncing off the Gulf of Mexico.
Gatlinburg, Tennessee
I for one am a sucker for a great beach vacation, but when given the choice; I will choose a mountain trip any day. With living on the east coast we may not have the world's biggest mountains but we have some of the best mountains that will offer you diversity in its scenery. The best part about our mountains is the Great Smoky Mountains found in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. What makes them so great? That is right, the sunsets. Nestled in the middle of the Smoky Mountains is downtown Gatlinburg. It is a small town actually with a big presence. The sun will start to set behind the mountain side and light up the whole city, but what truly is beautiful is when the last tip of the sun is just inches below the mountain, the whole city lights up like someone just lit the fire in a warm fireplace. It will actually warm you as you walk the streets looking in the small shops. It is my number one pick for the best sunsets in America.
I am certainly sure that you have your own top five choices. Maybe some of them are the ones on this list and you can relate to the same experiences that I had. If these places weren't on your list then I do suggest you check them out at one point in your life. I promise you, you will not be disappointed and hopefully if you are as lucky as I was, you will be able to savor in these wonderful memories for years to come.