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How to Write A Unique and Successful Camping Blog

How to Write A Unique and Successful Camping Blog
Starting a camping blog should not be such a complicated project. Different people may start their camping blogs for various reasons. If you would like to do it just as a hobby, you can always start a simple blog on Starting your blog here is free. However, if you are aiming for the stars and want to make a living out of your blogging, you will need a little more than WordPress. Read through the tips below to learn how to write a unique and successful camping blog.

Choose a Unique Name for Your Blog

How to Write A Unique and Successful Camping Blog
A nice and catchy name may well do the trick for you among the camping community. It goes a long way in helping to brand you and also attracting the camp lovers to interact with you via your blog. From experience, these are the features of a good blog name:


A good name for your blog should bring out your adventurous nature as well as the style of your blog. A descriptive blog name makes it easy for camping enthusiasts to identify you and read your blog.

Easy to Remember

As you try to make it all juicy and full of sauce, don’t forget to keep it simple. With names, simplicity may be the most reliable weapon. This means that your blog name can easily be used as your URL name. This further makes it web browser friendly and easy to type on the search tab.

Overused Names and Phrases

Avoid those names that have been trademarked by travel companies. Think outside the box and come up with words that are less used but still describe your camping blog.

Host Your Blogging Site

How to Write A Unique and Successful Camping Blog
If you are an avid internet user, the term “hosting” should not be a vocabulary to you. This is the process by which you “rent” space for your website on the internet. After your blog is hosted, then you can easily upload your blog data and photos. This makes it possible for people to access them whenever they search your blog via the domain name.
There are thousands of hosting companies you from which you can choose. It is, however, vital that you balance the cost and reliability of hosting. Hosting may be as cheap as $3 a month. Just do your research and choose wisely.

Use WordPress

The one thing that WordPress will help you to do is pick the perfect theme for your blogging site. That aside, you will need a WordPress account that’s self-hosted. This implies that the WordPress software is installed on your hosting company’s servers. This is different from having a free WordPress account. This brings about several differences:
  • Your camping blog becomes “” instead of “”
  • Your data is in your control
  • You can advertise products on your camping blog
  • Customizing your theme and installing plugins becomes easy.
  • Use of Google Analytics tracking is made possible.

Get Familiar with WordPress

Using WordPress should not get intimidating at all. In the world of blogging, WordPress is the industry standard since it has been around for years. Learning how to use WordPress may involve watching video tutorials online or reading free guides available (there are so many of them on the internet).

Create Quality Content

How to Write A Unique and Successful Camping Blog
After making the necessary preparations for your blog, it is now important that you come up with the content, be it great camping ideas or camping gear, which you need to post up on your camping blog. You have to do a lot of research to come up with correct, captivating and reliable information.
Blog content has to be unique, whether you want it as just a family camping blog or a professional camping blog. To come up with unique content, you have to do some research as well as actively indulge and enjoy your blogging topic.
In your blog, it is important that you be informed. Talk about the most famous camping destinations in your region or state. Come up with unique topics of discussion, such as the funny campsite names guys have ever come across.
It is important that you talk about the useful camping gear one needs whenever they are planning to camp. Getting the right guide from GearExpertGuides will help the readers of your blog come up with the essential camping accessories list whenever they are planning on camping.
Apart from the essential, inform the readers of your blog of some cool camping equipment such as inventive lighting equipment. From your research and knowledge, you can always tell your audience where to get camping gear of top quality at reasonable prices. This will help them land long term camping gear rather than one-time equipment.

Get to Learn from the Experts

Enrolling in travel blogging courses may not be a requirement for building your camping blog. However, getting to learn from a person who has developed and managed an outdoor adventure blog may be useful for giving you insights on how to go about your business and even give you some inspiration for some great camping ideas.

Camping Often Gives You Great Camping Ideas

How to Write A Unique and Successful Camping Blog
Camping and traveling often will help you tell the story better. What’s more, you get the whole experience of camping. This is how you come up with great camp ideas, and you get to master the essential aspects of it such that you can narrate, advice and guide others appropriately. Frequent camping helps you get familiar with companies that cater to camper travels. Most importantly, you have to network with other travel and camping bloggers for inspiration and new ideas.


Writing a unique camping blog that will be successful requires utter patience and focus. Most of the notable camping blogs started as just family travel blogs. Being unique requires that you carry out proper research and most importantly focus on aspects of camping that are often left out by other bloggers. Most importantly, publish articles on your blog frequently, probably once or twice a week.
Do you have a different criterion of writing a unique camping blog or fell we have left out something important? Feel free to share your ideas with us!
Author's Bio: Richard Snow is a hiker, and camping is his style of life. He studied biology at California University. Apart from camping he likes modern technology and sport.