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How To Pitch A Tent

How To Pitch A Tent
Whether you find yourself in a survival situation or just out for a fun weekend of camping, you can endure a lot. In fact, when it comes to things like food and water, you could go without for several days without much effect, except for being a little hungry. On the other hand, Mother Nature can be merciless when you are without shelter.
There are many stories of people from all walks of life, some of whom were very experienced when it came to being in the outdoors, but who struggle while camping because they are unable to erect a tent to get themselves out of cold and wet weather.

Advantages Galore

It wasn't too many years ago that anyone spending time outdoors, had nothing more to deal with than the heaviest canvas tent and wooden poles. Not anymore. Today's tents are not only made of better and lighter materials, but the designs available are practically infinite.
Regardless of your situation, the first thing you will need to consider is the type of situation you will most often find yourself in. For example, if you plan on backpacking, you will obviously want a tent that is light and easy to carry. The good news in this is that for those who enjoy backpacking, the choices you have to keep yourself well outfitted are practically endless. Lightweight materials such as nylon, dacron, taffeta, and other materials make tents easier to carry than ever. Even poles and tent pegs are now made of fiberglass and other materials that make them weigh practically nothing.
It is also important to understand that equipment is interchangeable, and you can easily substitute a stick or a set of trekking poles to keep your tent standing. There are tents available that use inflatable exoskeletons and if for some reason you want to move your tent, just pick it up and take it to your new spot.
Basically, tents are put up in different ways, each particular to the type of tent it is. Most tents require that you put up some kind of ridgepole(s). From this point, and with your tent standing, you need to use a method of keeping the edges taught, which means that they need to be staked out, or otherwise kept so that someone inside can move around unaffected.

Size and Materials Matter

Tents come in practically any size you need or want. There are those that are just big enough to cover you and your sleeping bag. Need something bigger? You can choose from tents to accommodate your group with room to spare.
Materials have always been an important subject when considering the type of tent you want to take with you camping. Unfortunately, in many cases, the materials until recently have been very limited. Today's materials give you considerably more latitude when deciding where you want to go and when. If you are planning on camping in colder weather, such as during the winter, it would be better to consider the so-called "4-season" tents, which are better at keeping the cold away from you.


For anyone who has experience camping, it's difficult to even comprehend the number of designs available for tents. The truth is that the number of tent designs are practically as numerous as the types of people who use them. There is a tent design available for every need and desire. Do you like a tent that opens from the front or the side? Both options are widely available. Do you want a tent that has room inside for all of your gear in addition to you? That's available too. Literally, whatever you think you want in a tent is available for the asking. Still undecided? Ask someone with experience to help you. Fortunately, help is easy to get, available free for the asking.