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How To Grow Ginseng At Home

How To Grow Ginseng At Home
Ginseng is no longer a hidden herb and by this time almost everyone knows what this plant is and what its roots can do. However, if you are someone who still doesn’t know about Ginseng and if you want to know what benefits it comes with then yes, you are at the right place, reading the right article. The word Ginseng comes from the Chinese word “Renshen” which means “man root” because the shape of the roots of Ginseng resembles the legs of a man.
In fact, Ginseng has another name and that is “Panax” which means “a cure to all”. Yes, you read it right, Ginseng is nothing like the ordinary herbs and roots you come across every day, in fact, Ginseng is a cure to almost all the diseases of the world. For example, it can treat anything from erectile dysfunction to Alzheimer’s. So, yes, if you are someone who is looking for a life-changing herb then you need to opt for Ginseng because this herb can do wonders to your health and you will see the changes for yourself.
Now, you have two options, first, you can get the Ginseng from an online store, click here to know what kind of a store we are talking about. The other solution is to grow your own Ginseng. Yes, you read it right, you can grow Ginseng at your home and we are now going to tell you how that happens.

1. Finding The Right Environment

How To Grow Ginseng At Home
The first thing you need to do is to find the right environment to grow Ginseng in the first place. If you use the “wild simulated” method to grow Ginseng then know that you will have to first find a natural environment for that so that the plant can actually grow. Know that Ginseng grows in a cool climate so if it’s hot out there then don’t waste your time on growing Ginseng and buy it from a dealer instead.

2. Testing The Soil

How To Grow Ginseng At Home
Once you find the right environment, you then need to test the soil and evaluate it to check whether it’s suitable for the Ginseng or not. You need to make sure that the soil is all moist and loamy and on top of everything, it’s supposed to be able to drain quickly too. Don’t opt for hard clay or a swampy soil because that won’t be a favorable condition for the Ginseng plant to grow.

3. State Permission

How To Grow Ginseng At Home
You then need to take the permission from the state you are living in. There are only a few states in the world that are allowed to legally grow Ginseng. So, make sure to get a permit first and then get started with the process.

4. Purchasing Seeds

How To Grow Ginseng At Home
The next step is to purchase the seeds from a dealer who also needs to have a license. Make sure to purchase the green seeds because they are the most suitable ones when you want to grow the plant. You can’t opt for soft or discolored seeds because they won’t work for you. Once you purchase the seeds, you then have to plant them. Just make sure to keep the seeds moist and water them every now and then before a week of planting them.


This is the process that you need to follow to grow Ginseng. One more thing to know is that you need to stay a little patient with the growth process as it’s a time taking process. Other than that, just follow the tips we gave and you will have your own Ginseng very soon.