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Gift Guide for Lovers of the Great (Modern) Outdoors

Gift Guide for Lovers of the Great (Modern) Outdoors
Can’t decide what to get the outdoorsy person in your life? You may be wondering where to start, especially if you aren’t a nature lover yourself. With the holidays getting closer by the day, time is running out to find that perfect gift that will knock their socks off. Consider the choices below to satisfy even your most rugged recipient if you don’t have the time (or the interest) to research options yourself.

Our Best Outdoor Gift Choices

The Glampers

Glampers like to be out in nature, but not necessarily one with it. While this might seem like a tricky scenario at first, these are actually the easiest folks to buy for in the grand scheme of the outdoorsy types. They love having their technology and all their creature comforts with them at all times. These folks are right on the edge of luxury and the untamed wild.
For the glamper in your life, consider a portable projector. These little devices come in all price ranges, will project onto any number of surfaces, and will be a welcome addition on their next adventure. Other great options for this set include indoor/outdoor wireless speakers, portable power supplies, or even a portable espresso maker.

Backcountry Voyagers

Folks who enjoy the backcountry take roughing it to the extreme (at least compared to the average person). When it comes to the outdoors, they are all in. Whether hiking or biking, they look for lightweight, durable, compact items to minimize their load and maximize the adventure. For these recipients, high-tech gear often has less to do with mobile devices and more to do with performance materials. This doesn’t mean they forgo all technology; in fact, many carefully document their experiences for the rest of the world to see.
For this group, consider gift options like solar or kinetic chargers that utilize nature to aid the recipient. These flexible little chargers work either from the sun’s rays or movement, requiring no electricity to charge them. Other potential items include camera accessory kits designed for backpacking or a travel drone to help them capture every moment from any angle. You can also look into scooters or bikes, which will provide plenty of exercises and an opportunity for the entire family to do something outdoorsy and adventurous together!

Roving Rovers

Pet lovers take their pets everywhere pets are allowed these days. Many even plan vacations specifically around their ability to take their pet along. The fur-laden travel companion for those who are outdoorsy is typically a dog. While dogs can typically navigate any terrain their owner can, dogs have different needs while on the go. It is especially important to consider their needs when traveling to a remote location.
For the person in your life whose dog accompanies them everywhere, consider a pet first aid kit. It is likely that they travel their own first aid kit, but haven’t considered one for the dog. Since emergency medical technicians aren’t trained in veterinary emergency response, having a properly stocked kit could save the pets life if the unthinkable happens while off the beaten path. Other options to consider are specialized harnesses that allow them to help their dogs over obstacles, custom ID tags, and boots to protect their paws from trail hazards.
Regardless of what type of adventure your recipient enjoys, finding the perfect gift is easy if you let their passion for the outdoors guide you. Every price point can be accommodated in all of these categories, which guarantees a gift they will love without blowing your budget. Whether traveling with a faithful dog, glamping in a luxurious but remote abode or going off grid in the backcountry, you’re sure to have a happy camper for the holidays with any of these great gifts.