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10 Essential Survival Items to Pack When Hunting

10 Essential Survival Items to Pack When Hunting
Are you planning your next hunting in a new ground and very anxious about the experience?
Whether you are an amateur hunter or an expert having the right survival item during the hunting is the real game. You may be familiar with your hunting surrounding but might end getting frustrated during the chase if you do not have the right hunting items.
A successful hunting expedition requires proper prior plans including assembling the essential hunting items such as the Elk hunting backpack among others. It’s time to relax as this article is going to help you sample out 10 essential items you need for successful hunting whether you are familiar with the hunting spot or not.
10 Essential Survival Items to Pack When Hunting

1.    Knife

Having a survival knife during hunting is very important to help out during cutting of ropes, sharpening of sticks and protection among other uses. You will need to invest in a quality knife to be able to carry out the cutting. The knife should be sharp enough to skin the prey and easily cut through resistant objects out of the way as you hunt.
Having a knife as sharp as a razor and strong to pierce through tough tissues gives you an upper hand while hunting. Take a moment before setting out to hunt to find a reliable knife will make things easier for you.

2.    Firestarter

Being in a position to start a fire is crucial to aid you in many things while you are out hunting. You will need fire for preparing a meal, fighting the cold and keeping away the dangerous predators. It is important that you carry with you a fire starter to be able to accomplish the above tasks while in the wilderness.
You also need to have skills of preparing a fire apart from just having the fire starter. Do not rely on one type of fire starter. Have several options just in case one fails you. Keep your fire starter tools in a place safe from water to avoid any inconveniences.
Example fire starters you may opt to carry along include the Bic lighter, and a striker among others. Ensure that you keep your fire starters in a place that you can easily access and protected from getting lost.

3.    A kit for first aid

Having a first aid kit that has relevant items during your hunting is very crucial. You may be facing a lot of unplanned occurrences due to the nature of the place you choose to hunt. You may accidentally bleed due to injuries while you pursue your prey.
Having a first aid kit will help you take care of the bleeding before searching for further help.  It’s also possible that you may get sick. Having some painkillers and antibiotics with you helps to take care of such situations.
10 Essential Survival Items to Pack When Hunting

4.    Compass and map

Having a GPS is great, but you will need to boost your accuracy by having a local map with you in case the GPS fails. The map will easily help you to seek help by directing you to the right places.
If possible, carry with you both the topography and road map. Carrying out a comparison in case of confusion using those two maps makes your navigation easier. A compass will help you to interpret the maps easily. Those particular items are light and thus easily portable that you shouldn’t miss having. If you do not have the skill to interpret the maps and how to use the compass, it’s important that you learn first to make them relevant for your hunting.

5.    Clothes for hunting

Always plan to dress for the worst every time you go out hunting because the situations can be quite unpredictable. It doesn’t matter how hot or cold the weather may seem to appear, being prepared all the time regarding how you dress works in your favor.
You won’t be disturbed by a sudden shift in the weather as you will be all set. It’s important that you get to put on warm clothes to bit the cold night because fire alone won’t be enough. It’s advisable to dress in clothes made from wool or synthetic rather than cotton. That is because cotton absorbs moisture, takes long to dry and creates extra weight to the body.
A cold night in the wilderness requires attires that dry very first and for easy movements.

6.    A signal

Carrying signal with you is important to help in emergency cases and rescue. The signal is important to alert the rescue teams in cases where you may be lost and in danger. Keep the signal safe from damage and in areas where you can easily reach out to it. Example of such items to use for a signal include the heliograph and the signal mirror.

7.    Life Straw

Accessing clean and safe water to drink while in the wilderness hunting can be quite a challenge. As a normal human, you cannot survive beyond 72 hours without water which shows why drinking water during hunting is important. Carrying the water is cumbersome for you, and it may not be enough.
It’s advisable that you carry a water filter which you can use to drink water from any source without harming your health.

8.    Whistle

A whistle is crucial, especially in emergency cases.  If you get lost, for instance, blowing the whistle is a simpler way to alert people of your location. It is recommendable to opt for plastic whistles as they are light to carry and rust free.

9.    A flashlight

It may be difficult for you to pass through dark tunnels especially during nightfall. The flashlight will help to support your visibility in unfamiliar and dark areas during hunting. Currently, most flashlights are made lightweight thus easy to carry and use anywhere needed.

10.    A bow saw

Having a bow saw while hunting helps to cut logs of trees for making fire easily. You will also need to cut tree branches and leaves for shelter, and a bow saw while you help to do the cutting. The bow saw helps ensure that you set up a huge fire required to roast your catch in case you need to prepare a meal.
Having relevant survival items such as listed above ensure that your hunting is safe and successful. Take your time to prepare each equipment in the list above before setting out to hunt, and you will have an easy time while out there in the wilderness.