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Amazing tory of Bethany Hamilton

Amazing tory of Bethany Hamilton
"Strength never comes from the physical activity but from the strong will power" and this quote fits the best for Bethany Hamilton.
A promising surfer-Bethany Hamilton with loads of talent was living out her dream in Hawaii. But then one fateful day changed everything in her life. She is courageous, passionate, brave and determined towards her goals.
It was in the year 2003 when a terrifying accident took place in her life. For her, this accident was a major turn which came out of the blue. She was relaxing on her board as usual with her left arm hanging in the water.
Her wait for the picking up of the surf turned out to be the worst nightmare in her life. She was enjoying the small and inconsistent waves. She suddenly started feeling a lot of pressure around her.
Within a split of the second, she felt a lot of lightning-fast tugs. It was an early morning surfing session when the tiger shark took her left arm almost her life.
Bethany went into the shock for a moment, but then somehow she got the courage of looking into the water. All she could see was bright red water around her, and still, she calmed down herself.
She couldn't feel her left arm and when she realized that it's not there even then she decided to face the fear and became an inspirational story to the athletes, adults, kids, and people across the world.
In that situation, most of the people would think of leaving their dream. But, for Bethany Hamilton, it was a big no. She never let her disability get in the way of accomplishing her passion and dreams to pursue a career in surfing.
Bethany Hamilton is one amazing inspiration in the world who is not only one of the best female surfers in the world but a motivational speaker, businesswoman, a community leader, a wife and a mother.
Her strength and resilience are incredible. She not only continued following her passion but also won a lot of competitions. This was an incident that taught her what life is. Her faith in Christ is everything for her now.

How Bethany Hamilton is an inspiration

Bethany Hamilton's survival Kit story is of great inspiration. She has taught the world that life doesn't end with one incident until and unless you are dead. It's all in your mind. Your love for passion and dream is something that motivates you, inspires you to achieve your dream.
Here is how she inspires the world with her fantastic story of survival:
Courageous and determined
At the age of 13, Bethany had to face the attack by a tiger shark that too 14 foot long. It resulted in losing her one arm. She not only survived the attack but went back into the water after one month of recovery with full courage.
If there was other individual in her place, then dreams and passion would have become just another word. Bethany Hamilton always focused on pursuing her career even after knowing the fact that she has lost her one arm.
A soul surfer
Bethany Hamilton's love and passion for her dream is exceptional and true asset of an athlete. Her love for the ocean always inspires her to come up as an inspirational surfer. She is still on her board because this is where she belongs to.
A surfer mother
After facing this kind of accident, people quickly give up, Bethany didn't. She is not only a loving mother, but she even surfed in her pregnancy period as well. It is something insane but inspiring as well. If this is not encouraging, then there can be nothing.
A promoter of health, fitness, and faith
Bethany Hamilton sees her life as a blessing, and this accident only boosted her faith in God. While giving interviews, she said, my parents taught me a lot about God, but becoming a believer was my own choice. You can never impose faith for God on anyone.
She is a wife, mother and a professional surfer which encourages her to keep herself healthy and live a balanced life. She only believes in preaching what she practices.
A true winner
In the year 2016, she took part in the WSL FIJI PRO 2016. She did not let herself feel down. She won both the second and third rounds. It is not only inspiring but a massive motivation for the people who feel disheartened at some point in life.


Fear of failure is something that can hold a person back from achieving dreams and passion in life. It is imperative to know what your fears are and how you can conquer them. Bethany Hamilton's fantastic story is the best example.
Her courage didn't let fear stop her so you can also achieve your dreams but always remember courage doesn't mean that you are not afraid. But it is all about overcoming the fears in your heart.
So, always believe in your dreams and never give up on them so easily.