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8 Items to Pack For Every Solo Trip

8 Items to Pack For Every Solo Trip
Are you planning a solo trip and wondering how or what you should pack? You already read that you should park light to make your traveling experience the best out there. But how light should your packing bag be when you are on a solo trip? You might not want to go and discover that you forgot the most critical accessory you needed for the trip.
This post reveals the eight things that you must remember to pack when going on your next tour. Among the many items, you must not forget these eight when you are traveling solo.

1. A Water Bottle

8 Items to Pack For Every Solo Trip
They say that water is life. But you will not understand the clause until you become dehydrated in a place you have no access to water sources. Some flights are long, and they can take many hours before you reach your destination. Can you survive with the water you drank from home for the 24-hour flight to Madagascar?
You want to take a sip after a few hours on the plane. The water bottle will help you to carry some water that you need during the flight. After arriving at your destination, you will need the bottle for carrying water during your outdoor activities like hiking.

2. Anti-Theft Backpack

8 Items to Pack For Every Solo Trip
Traveling alone requires that you take care of yourself and all your belongings. A high-quality backpack should protect your valuables and keep the bad guys at bay. It should also be water-resistant.
Pick one with enough compartments to hold your belongings without mixing them up and creasing your passport. The same way universal roof racks add capacity to vehicles, more compartments will allow you to carry more items securely as you explore the destination in your solo travel adventure.

3. First Aid Kit

I know you are not a member of AMREF or WHO. But everyone needs access to first aid whenever an emergency occurs. The problem is that nobody plans when the emergency will take place. You, therefore, need to prepare well before anything happens.
As a solo traveler, you should have a first aid kit in your travel bag. It will help you any time anything happens as you are in the jungle. You may also need the kit to help a friend you meet as you travel.

4. A Portable Power Bank

Nothing can get nastier than your phones going dead in the woods during the solo trip. Whenever you are outdoors, you need a way to juice up your phone. That is why companies invented portable power banks. But before buying one, ensure that it has enough capacity to recharge your phone at least thrice since you cannot foretell what can happen.

5. Travel Locks

Most modern travel bags come with the locks. They help you to safeguard your luggage while traveling. In case, however, you are using an old luggage carrier that lacks the locks, ensure that you buy them before you leave. The locks you buy should be TSA-approved.
The travel agents can open the locks and inspect your luggage. But whenever they open the bags, the lock can indicate. You have the right to check your luggage before leaving the plane to ensure everything is intact.

6. A Generic Phone Case

8 Items to Pack For Every Solo Trip
Smartphones are rare in some parts of the world. Visitors with high-end smartphones are a target for pickpockets. Blending to the local "standard" can help you survive the menace. As you travel alone, find a case that will help you cover brand names on your phone and make it look like an ordinary type of gadget.

7. Universal Travel Adapter

You are going to recharge your phone or power bank as often as necessary when you are living abroad. During your solo trip, you may discover that the charging rating on the wall sockets in your destination country varies from those at home. Your adapter will not help you is such a scenario.
With a traveler's adapter, you can ensure that the power outlet can suffice your phone charging needs. It works with all electrical standards in any country.

8. A Money Belt

Are you afraid of pickpockets? Then you need to ensure that your cash, credit cards, and passport are safe when traveling solo. A money belt can help you secure your important documents in crowded places. You need to wear it under your clothes, and when the pickpocket strike, they fail to find your valuables.

In summary

Solo travel is an exciting adventure. However, when not prepared, you may find it a nasty experience. Since nobody wants to return from a trip with the saddest stories, you must plan yourself and carry the must-have items we have listed.