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7 Genius Hacks for Your Next Hiking Trip

7 Genius Hacks for Your Next Hiking Trip

7 Genius Hacks for Your Next Hiking Trip

Do you love hiking? Then you are definitely in good company. Hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts are thrilled by this great pastime.  If you’re a hiking enthusiast, there is an amazing book to read before heading out on your next adventure. And none other than the vivacious Oprah Winfrey herself once recommended it. The book is called ‘Wild.’ Reading the book, you will learn that hiking is not just a lovely, thrilling, and adventurous sport. Things don’t just stop there. You will discover that, to be safe, you need to take some simple precautions to protect yourself from certain dangers when hiking.  Some of the dangers to avoid while hiking on a terrain include: suffering from skin-peeling, foot-bleeding, and even facing the moose on-the-goo.  So, let's dive in to learn about the 7 hiking genius tips that will definitely keep you safe on your next hiking trip.   

Know Your Trail Well

7 Genius Hacks for Your Next Hiking Trip

You can use a GPS device, a good map, or a compass to determine precisely where you are going. Before starting, make sure you study every section of the area you are planning to visit o the hiking journey. Ensure you are knowledgeable about how to use the various landmarks to familiarize yourself with the trail. How will this help? In case you lose all the above devices or get them damaged, knowing the landmarks well will be your next savior.  

Test Out Your Backpack

7 Genius Hacks for Your Next Hiking Trip

Keeping a light pack is essential. Overpacking will lead to carrying a heavier load without good reason which ultimately   To avoid this, do a simple test:  Pick up, tot, and put down the load you plan to carry. Do this while you are still at home so you can adjust your backload accordingly. Make sure to do this crucial test thoroughly before you embark on your hiking journey. It will save you needless trouble.  

Wear the Best-Fitting Boots

7 Genius Hacks for Your Next Hiking Trip

When hiking, make sure you wear perfectly fitting boots.  Keep in mind that wearing ill-fitting boots can result in one suffering from needless blisters or losing toenails.  You can try on several different boots at your local outdoor gear retailer or even picking from the Amazon choice of the best-reviewed hiking boots. Once you’re able to try different boots on, you will have the right boots to enhance your hiking experience and ensure that you can hike pain free.  

Carry a First-Aid Kit

7 Genius Hacks for Your Next Hiking Trip

It is crucial to carry a first-aid kit while going out on your hiking expedition. You can purchase one from your local outdoor gear retailer or you can make your own personal first aid kit. Be sure to make a kit that helps with blister protection and wound protection.  

Carry a Solar Power Bank

7 Genius Hacks for Your Next Hiking Trip

To enhance your hiking experience further, it is always wise to carry one of the smaller solar power banks while on the hiking tour. This is a most practical option since you never know just when your phone, GPS device, or electronic compass will go off due to a power failure. This can happen right in the middle of the hiking expedition. It is not a desirable situation since it can put your life in danger, in case you get lost far away in the mountains. There is always a rich selection of such solar power banks that any hiker can choose from.

Share Your Hiking Itinerary With a Friend

Rather than simply starting off on your journey without informing any of your friends and family members, let people know exactly where you are going. As you set off, leave your path itinerary with at least one friend or a family member. Just in case you get lost or need assistance you can always reach out to this person when in a pinch!  

Have a Suitable Sunscreen Lotion

7 Genius Hacks for Your Next Hiking Trip

Keep in mind that the sun can still beat down on you dangerously even if you are hiking in the dead of winter. To stay safe, ensure you are well protected by carrying along a suitable sunscreen lotion laced with a high SPF factor. Along with this, always take with you some safe drinking water. Even if you think you will easily get some fresh, drinkable water sources along your path, you should recognize that it is always wise and healthy to carry a water-bottle full of this life-giving liquid. This will keep you adequately hydrated at all times.

Final Thoughts

As a hiking enthusiast we’ve all had to start somewhere! Be sure to be prepared on your next hike and pick a few of the tips outlined above and use them to enrich your hiking experience.  By adequately preparing for your next hike you can truly enjoy the wonders the outdoors has to offer. And ultimately you can craft your experience into what it should be: A safe and joyful experience!