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7 Essential Drone Accessories

7 Essential Drone Accessories
Drones which are known as, unmanned aerial vehicles, are aircraft without a human pilot onboard. Drones continue to rise in popularity, with many more users their functions and abilities have increased. Knowing which additional parts and accessories available for the drone you will be assured of a safe and successful flight.

1. High Capacity Intelligent Flight Battery

One of the most popular add on options for drones today is a high capacity intelligent flight battery. The high capacity drone batteries allow for a maximum charge which will extend your air time. These batteries really know how to pack a punch, keeping your drone up in the air for over 30 minutes. 

Easy to install and remove, these batteries recharge very quickly allowing you to get back in the sky. The intelligent portion of the battery allows for communication with your system, so you are always aware of the remaining power. The intelligent software will return your drone to its takeoff point upon reaching a low power point. 

7 Essential Drone Accessories

2. Antenna Signal Range Booster

If you are looking for more range than your drone is offering straight out of the box you will want to consider an antenna signal range booster. These devices are quite affordable and are easily adaptable to the controller of your favorite drones. No additional tools are needed for installation making this an easy accessory to use. 

3. Landing Gear Extenders 

If you are looking for ways to provide a safer landing for your drone you may want to consider adding on landing gear extenders. The extender attaches to the bottom of your drone creating a stabilizer effect. When your drone is not in the air, it is raised higher above the ground avoiding the elements that could compromise its system and helping to extend its longevity. While in the air the extenders provide a stability system that will reduce rocking and offer a smoother overall experience when flying. The landing gear extenders also provide a shield that prevents dust and debris from your gimbal and camera.

4. Drone Landing pad

A easy solution for those interested in a pinpoint location for landing, or a fun landing competition is a drone landing pad. These landing pads have remained quite affordable and are easy to use. Typically measuring 30 inches in diameter, it is easy to transport and has tabs which allow it to be tacked down to avoid movement on a windy day. The reflective strips will enable the landing pad to be seen easier at night for a safer landing. 

7 Essential Drone Accessories

5. Drone carrying bag or case 

One of the first accessories you will want to consider purchasing is a way to transport your drone. There are many great selections available from waterproof backpacks to wheeled hard cases. Having a hard case will keep your drone safe and ensure all your other accessories are with you when you need them. Where and how you will be using your drone will determine which type of case to purchase. If you plan on traveling by air, a durable hard side case would be recommended. The hard shell with interior military grade foam will prevent movement and give your drone unsurpassed protection.  

A more portable option is considering using a waterproof backpack design. This is a perfect option for those of you who are planning on hiking and traveling to remote locations. The backpacks tend to be very lightweight and have plenty of storage for extra accessories.

6. Filter Kit 

If enhancing your drone camera experience is your interest adding a filter kit to your accessories is a must-have. These kits will allow you to create a variety of different effects on your video and photos. The ability to lighten, brighten or darken your camera is available at the change of a filter. Filters are an affordable and fun accessory. It is essential to review the steps to change the stock filter to avoid damaging your drones camera lens.

7. Drone Decals

If pimping out and personalizing your drone is your thing consider drone decals. With dozens of colors and themes available in the sticker decal world, you can undoubtedly create a one of a kind look for your drone. The custom designs you can be sure to find are various animal prints, camo designs, and superhero-inspired products. The drone decals are easy to apply, remain bubble free and are easy to remove and change out as often as you like. Drone decals are made from thin, lightweight vinyl that won’t compromise your flight or interfere with the radio frequency. 

As you can see, there are a variety of accessories available for drone users. A quick search for accessories will bring up many choices for these as well as many others. With all of the options available it is guaranteed you will find one that will enhance your drone experience..

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