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5 Compelling Reasons You Should Go RV Camping In Winter

5 Compelling Reasons You Should Go RV Camping In Winter
Going RV camping can be fun and exciting any time of the year. Many RVers shy away from camping in the winter because they are concerned about the restraints of cold weather camping. If you have never experienced an RV trip in the dead of winter, this will offer you five compelling reasons you should. In the opinion of some RV campers, there is no better time to experience the joys of mother nature at her finest.

What are the Challenges of RVing in Winter?

Any time of the year can bring on challenges when it comes to RVing, but winter has its own unique ones. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to overcome most of the challenges and enjoy the camping experience, no matter how cold the weather.
  • Staying warm can be a challenge that is overcome with the perfect RV electric heater. Crank up the heat and enjoy the comfort.
  • The right tires are crucial for travel in snowy or icy weather. It is always best to be prepared with rugged tires when traveling during the winter.
  • Finding fun does not have to be a difficult challenge when RVing in winter. Try thinking outside of the box and you will find tons of things to experience.

5 Compelling Reasons for RV Camping in Winter

There is no greater freedom than traveling the open road with your home behind you. Most RVers cannot stand the thought of being away from their RV all winter long. If you are one of them, check out these five compelling reasons you should plan on RV camping in the cold of winter.

  1. One of the biggest reasons for RVing in the winter is being able to save tons of money. RV parks often offer deep discounts during the winter months which can allow you to spend your saved money on fun and good eats.
  2. Another reason that drives people to RV during the winter is the lack of tourist crowds. Most people plan their vacations in the warm months so winter travel offers a more peaceful interaction with nature and the sites along the way.
  3. Some RVers prefer camping in the winter because of the lack of pests they must deal with in their travels. No mosquitos, snakes, and other unwanted pests can be a strong drawing point. At least you won’t have to pack your bug spray.
  4. If you love snowy weather, what better time to RV? Imagine staying cuddled up warm and cozy in your RV and watching the snow fall over the mountains! For some, this is the reason that gets them on the road every time.
  5. The health benefits of traveling in colder weather is also a factor to consider. Breathing in cool air offers amazing benefits to your health. Some people feel more alive than ever before when the weather around them is icy cold.

Prepare Your RV for Winter Travel

  • If traveling in below freezing temps, make sure your holding tanks are treated with antifreeze.
  • Ensure you have the right level of insulation for keeping the heat inside your RV while camping.
  • Do not store any of your water hoses with water inside or they could rupture due to expansion and contraction.
  • Remember to take along an electric blanket and some hot water bottles to keep you toasty warm during the night.
  • Use shrink wrap to insulate your windows and doors so heat does not escape. It is helpful to cover your screen door with plastic wrap to allow the sun in without letting in cold air.


Traveling during the winter gives you the perfect opportunity to witness mother nature in all her glory. There is something truly motivational and peaceful regarding winter RV camping. If you have never experienced it for yourself, make sure you get started on planning your next excursion. You may just find you become addicted to winter RV travel.