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9 Unavoidable Tech Bliss For The New Hikers

August 1, 2021

In the next weekend, you may be planning for a hiking trip.  It is always refreshing. Self-discovery in the midst of nature and banishment far away from the madding crowd is undoubtedly rewarding for your body and soul. It is true that a few of those days you want to get relief from your cell phone and laptop. But still, you have to admit the use of technology which is indispensable for your hiking trip. When you are planning for the backpacking, some of these gears are indispensable for you.

Here I am going to share with you some of the must-have tech gadgets and gears that every hiker should have.

What a contradiction! You want to be relieved from technology while in nature but still cannot live without it. Are you scratching your head?  Believe me.  To survive in the remote areas in the mountain,  we need those fruits of technology.

Here you find the list of the most useful pieces of Technology,  required in hiking.

1. A portable stove

Ah! It is a heavenly sunrise above the mountain. You need a hot drink to refresh your mind. The vermillion illumination of the morning will be more addictive with a fresh cup of coffee. The portable stove will help you to boil your water to make three to four cups of coffee. Does not it sound lucrative?

2. A portable, durable Bluetooth speaker

Music is part of our life. With family and friends when you are enjoying beautiful types of nature,  you can count the moments perfectly adding some tune to it. You can go for this waterproof and shockproof Bluetooth speaker. With a fantastic quality of sound, your mind will cherish in wonderland.

3. A portable and durable camera

All the moments are the precious gems of life. Capturing the movements are our everlasting asset. In the YouTube video, you must have seen many adventure videos.  GoPro is the best solution for it. You can use a head Mount or chest mount GoPro camera. They are waterproof and durable with excellent quality of action video. Mounting the camera with your body your hands are free for hiking support.

4. A Comfortable Hammock

When you have reached the Summit, your body is super tired. There is a fantastic view in front of you, but you need a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the show. Now it’s the time to set up I’m ok easily and get relaxed with the beautiful scenery before you. Get the best comfortable hammock at an affordable price.

5. Solar Power Backup Charger

Handy solar power charger is one of the essential equipment for hiking. At high altitude remote areas, you may have no sources of electricity, and your gadget runs out of power.  A solar power charger is your lifeline there. When your camera battery dies before the sunset snap,  this backup charger becomes your lifesaver.

6. A Multi-Use Tool

A multi-use tool is an all-rounder camping assistant for you. Being a very useful portable and requisite machine for hiking and camping this multi-tool has knives, files, screwdriver, can opener etc.this multitasking tool will help you out to solve many purposes at ease.

7. A Lamp which can be Charged by Hand Crank

When you are in your camp at night,  you desperately need light inside your tent. What caring too much battery will load your backpack. The solution is an instant charge without battery. How is it possible? Using the hand crank charger attached to your lantern can be the solution for you. You need to active The dynamo,  to charge up the light. Enjoy the bright evening while camping and hiking.

8. A GPS

You may lose the track while bird watching or exploring the new area in the jungle you have missed the map. Don’t worry at all. Keep a handy GPS with you. This GPS is an excellent guide if you are lost in an unknown place. Good GPS has a battery which can Charge it up to 25 hours. They are waterproof and easy to use.

9. Headlamp

You may have charged your lamp with your hand crank. But if you have to go outside your tent in the night, you need a torchlight. If it is a nature’s call,  you must keep your both hands free. So you must have a headlamp. They are battery charged and waterproof. Even the headlamp has an SOS signal. If you are trapped into any danger, you can signal with the light to the next person near to you.

These gears and gadgets are parts and parcel of hiking experience. Ensure you must have some of them as per your hiking plan.

Happy Hiking!

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