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Signs Of Good Trekking Poles

Hiking is not as easy as getting up in the morning and going down to the nearest trail. Sure, you would like for it to be this easy, but that is not going to happen. What you have to start thinking about is the gear you are going to have on you and how it is going to help in the end. 

Trekking poles would be a part of that gear you are going to get and will have an important role to play in how well you do on the trail. Some people are never able to get as far as they need to because they don't have the right gear. Below is what you want to see in a pair of trekking poles in this day and age. If you need more information, check out our trekking poles buyer's guide and our Nordic walking poles buyer's guide.

1. Durable

How long will the poles last? This is the first sign of a good product. You want to choose something that is going to remain durable for a very long time to come and is going to fit in with what you are going for as soon as possible. When you are choosing a durable solution, you are able to trust the poles you are going with as soon as possible. You can know the poles will never break down.

2. Adjustable

The best trekking poles that are being sold as of right now in the market would have to be the ones that are adjustable. These are poles that you can work with because they are going to adjust to your needs. They are going to adapt to the pressure you are putting on them along with your height. These measurements do matter for you to feel comfortable with how you are hiking around at all times. The trekking poles are going to be leaned on, so you want them to do well for you.

3. Lightweight

You want the poles to be lightweight, and that is going to be a good sign that you are on the right path. When you are not getting poles that are lightweight, you will be getting something that is tiresome and is going to burn you out in the end. Do you want the poles to be the reason you have to sit down every five minutes? Most people don't want this to happen, and that is fair because you want to always stick to lightweight solutions as much as you can. It is a must.

4. Good Grip

The next sign that you would want to think about would be the grip you are going to have on the trekking poles. It should never feel like you are being pressured by the poles. You want to know they are not going to slip out of your hand as you get into some of the rougher patches. This is a must for anyone that is going to be hiking and that is the reason many serious hikers use Ultra Strong Cork Trekking Poles. You want to know the grip is going to be there at all times for you to rely on as time goes on. When you have this, you will know the product is a great one for you and anyone else that will be using it.

5. Easy To Use

You want the poles to be easy to use. This is a must for those who are trying to make sure you are getting the best kind of poles. You want to look at the ease with which you are going to be using the poles. Do you want something that is going to be on your mind the whole time because they are not simple to use? Many items already are a challenge to use, and you don't want to add trekking poles to the list of items. This is just a pain that you are not going to want.

6. Storage Is Easy

What is going to happen when it comes to storing the trekking poles? Where are you going to put them? You want something that is going to be easy to store. You don't want a situation where you are left wondering how you are going to put the poles away. This happens a lot because people are only concerned about how they are going to climb around with the poles, but forget they are not going to have them in their hands all the time. You are going to need a solution that is easy to store as soon as possible.

7. Affordable

What is the price being paid for these poles? Are you getting them at a good rate or something that is not fair? The rates will always matter, and you don't want to put it into a situation where you are being taxed heavily and are not getting something cost-efficient. Trekking poles are affordable, and the best ones are not going to be the most expensive ones. You have to understand this is a sign of something that is good. When you go for the most expensive, you are letting price dictate what you get.

8. Reliable

The brand (such as Montem Outdoor Gear) that you are getting it from will matter a lot. You have to think about the solution you are going with. If the trekking poles are not reliable, why are you going with them? You want to make sure you are choosing a solution that is reliable and is not going to break down on you as time goes on. Trekking poles are important and should be noted down as being a big part of what you are doing and how far you are going in the end. Those who don't think about this are the ones who will be challenged the most. You want to choose a reliable brand that is not going to give up on you as time goes on during the hike. There are so many hikers who lose out because they don't have the beautiful trekking poles that are required. Look at these signs as soon as you can.