The Founding

The adventure of Montem all began in 2016 when some city boys (with a love for the outdoors) noticed a rising trend, low quality outdoor gear being sold as high end.

Joseph P.
Founder, Outdoors Enthusiast

Kevin U.

Kevin U.
Founder, Hiking Enthusiast

The Adventure

Not wanting to waste what time they had outdoors with bad gear, a solution had to be made to solve the problem. Soon after, they began to make this solution by themselves.

What started with trekking poles to forge the perfect hike became a passion for developing, designing, and engineering innovative and ergonomic gear shortly followed.

This small hobby soon outgrew the cramped apartment it had been born in and relocated to an office centered in New York City.


The Promise

And so, Montem had begun to grow into something larger. It became a mission to work with not only local but hikers, trekkers, backpackers worldwide. To create a fellowship in developing and introducing only the most exceptional gear.

All Montem gear is designed and engineered by our innovative team remains in New York City, but the gear created is to be used by you, our fellow adventurers around the world.

You’ll find the world passing you by. With a constant focus on technology, work, and an overall fast paced environment, we introduce a new mindset. Life is a rush, but don’t rush through it. Slow down. Take your time and enjoy. As our maxim suggests, there’s no need to run, so “Walk with us.”

– Montem Team,
New York City