Ultra Sturdy 5kN Locking Carabiners (One Pair)
(103 customer reviews)
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#1 Pick for Hammocks, Dogs, Keys and everything in between

Ultra Sturdy 5kN Locking Carabiners (One Pair)

(103 customer reviews)
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YOU GET: Pack of 2 premium Ultra Sturdy Screwgate Sleeve Carabiners. Rated at 5kN these can withstand 1,100lbs of force when fully locked!



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Hiking, camping, securing hammocks, swing straps, pets and MUCH MORE.

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Ultra Sturdy 5kN Locking Carabiners (One Pair)

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Ultra Sturdy 5kN Locking Carabiners (One Pair)

Product Description

Technical Details:

Material: Aluminum 7075

Closed Gate Strength: 5kN (1,100lbs)

Dimensions (in.): 3 x 2

Dimensions (cm.): 7.6 x 5

Ultra Sturdy: Yes

Lock: Screwgate Sleeve

Weight (oz): 0.88 per carabiner

Weight (g): 25 per carabiner

Shape: Asymmetric D-Shape

Gate Opening: 15mm

Included will be one pair of Montem Ultra Sturdy Locking Carabiners (2 carabiners per set)!

Montem Ultra Sturdy Locking Carabiners are built to last, comprised of aluminum craftsmanship and the most secure twist locking mechanism you can be sure your carabiners will support you as well as your hammock with ease (they’re rated 5kN – that’s over 1,100lbs of force at only 0.88oz per carabiner)!

These Ultra Sturdy Carabiners are perfect for your hammock experience and can support an IMMENSE amount of weight! Couple that with their compact design and incredibly light weight and you have the perfect solution to your hammock needs. But, thats not all! Use these carabiners for your pets, your keys, and securing lighter items as needed. BUT NOTE – THESE ARE NOT FOR CLIMBING


Ultra Sturdy 5kN Locking Carabiners (One Pair)

Product Reviews

  1. Bryan Crump

    They work great.

  2. Donna

    Nice appearance and functional

  3. ARollice

    Way batter than what we were using before. Much more secure

  4. Peter

    Great product

  5. Jared

    Quality construction. These are great.

  6. V

    I had some carabiners rated at 500 pounds from I bought from Home Depot originally, and they had become out of shape and the lock piece was not lining up anymore. I found these rated for 1100 lbs, and thought I would give them a try, as they also had tubular lock as well. They were nice and light weight compared to other ones I had, and a little smaller. However they worked well with my setup, and so far are doing really well. I only had them on for a month or so before I had to put away for storage durning winter. We will see how well they handle next spring, when I bring it out again.

  7. Yessy

    I like the fact that after the Carabiner closes , the lock is closed over by the sliding lock. While sailing, the last place I want to end up is in the Atlantic... I prefer to glide along on the to of the ocean, not in it. A good device for use (in pairs) for a safety harness.

  8. Gavin


  9. MPS

    Recently my dogs leash clasp got unhooked twice when out and about with him, luckily in safe places! But the experience made me think I needed a more secure solution for my doggie who loves to shake and do all sort of weird maneuvers which sometimes break him loose. I bought two of these and used them on his 6 foot standard leash and even his retractable. The hack is very simple. For the retractable you can simply cute the tap, remove the existing clasp and then re sew the tape by hand in a matter of minutes and its good to go. (Please test first that you sewn it enough times)For the standard leash I took a hammer to the clasp mechanism and broke it off, and the carabiner fit right in the existing leash loop. Voila a leash that wont come undone if its locked!

  10. Bill L

    Just as described

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