Ultra Strong Trekking Poles – Pair
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"These poles perform like they cost twice as much!" Mike & Charlotte P.
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Ultra Strong Trekking Poles – Pair

(399 customer reviews)
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The Ultra Strong model quickly adjusts from 24″ to 53″, comes equipped with easy to use flip locks, padded wrist straps, and carbide tips. It’s also the perfect travel companion, easily fitting into your backpacks and suitcases.

We guarantee your gear will last you a lifetime.


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Hiking, trekking, protecting knees and joints, and maintaining balance.


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Ultra Strong Trekking Poles - Pair

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Ultra Strong Trekking Poles – Pair

Product Description


Shaft Construction: Aluminum 7075

Grip Material: EVA Foam

Adjustable: Yes

Ultra Strong: Yes

Maximum Length (in): 53

Minimum Length (in): 24

Maximum Length (cm): 135

Minimum Length (cm): 61

Weight Per Pair (oz): 19.2

Gender: Unisex

  • Innovative collapsing system offers simple, compact, and reliable support with a cutting edge flick-lock system designed to keep your poles from sliding.
  • Ultra sturdy, and developed with nonslip EVA foam (stronger than cork!) grips which feature foam extensions, allowing better grip and handling on all declines, and inclines.
  • The 3-section Aluminum 7075 shaft creates an ultra strong pole design that retains strength over a wide range of terrain, and angles.
  • Carbide crafted tips, and includes interchangeable mud baskets as well as rubber tips.
  • Hand straps designed to last, and soft to the touch.

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Ultra Strong Trekking Poles – Pair

Frequently Asked Questions

Montem specializes in high quality gear at an affordable price. With thousands of 5-star reviews, dozens of #1 rankings, and numerous awards, the verdict is in. Montem is better than the competition at 1/2 the price.

Montem poles have been unanimously ranked above primary trekking pole companies such as Black Diamond and Leki. How, you ask? No middle men, no mark ups, no hidden fees. We take pride in devoting our time, effort, and passion to designing the highest quality gear we can while doing everything in our power to keep the price down.

We do this by limiting marketing expenses, minimizing website costs. We DO NOT cut costs on the actual product, which is exactly why we've been called the premier pole on the market.

The design, functionality, and quality is stellar. Simply put, we keep our prices low by not wasting money on what "the other guys" do.

It's super easy! Simply adjust your arms so that they’re at a 90 degree angle while using your Montem Trekking Poles. When adjusting the height of the poles, make sure the number on the top segment of the pole is the same as the one on the bottom.

Flip open the clasp, then proceed to make 1/4 turn adjustments to the screw until you get the desired tension. The bolt should be tight enough that when you close the clasp the pole supports your weight without sliding.

Yes! To adjust the length of the strap pull the tension block out. Once the tension block is removed, you may pull the loose end to tighten the strap, or pull the upper end to loosen the strap.

Ultra Strong Trekking Poles – Pair

Product Reviews

  1. Am C.

    Took me through mud and tree roots with ease!

  2. David A.

    These poles are easy to adjust and light enough for most purposes. You can get lighter carbon fiber poles if you don't mind draining your bank account. These poles are solid and a great value. I ordered a set of powder baskets so I can use them skiing in the winter as well. I have not experienced any slippage with the locking mechanisms. Highly recommend.

  3. J Dion Bates

    I bought two pair; for myself and for my wife/daughter. They are great. They are sturdy, generally lightweight, and I love that they're adjustable. The wrist straps work nicely and are adjustable. The handle grips are made of cork and are comfortable. Have only put about 100 miles on them so far, but all is good.

  4. James

    These were exactly what I needed at a fraction of the cost of big name products

  5. Penelope

    These are very helpful to keep my balance while walking...also is great for my back issues!

  6. Claudia Nelson

    I love these walking sticks! I have balance issues& now I feel “ safe” when using them.

  7. Smokey

    Perfect for our hiking needs. Sturdy and easily adjustable. The seller is explicit in their instructions on how to ensure the poles are safely asjusted. Light weight and perfect for our mountain hiking trips and treks through the snow.

  8. Jeffrey W.

    I'm still trying to get the right amount of pressure on the cams without over-tightening. The poles occasionally slip. I just don't want to over-tighten the nut on the cam. These are very comfortable poles...I have balance issues, and these poles are helping me with my confidence level of walking...Thank you!!

  9. AC

    Several years ago, I was supposed to be on my way to a wheelchair. Thanks to a great dog and a regular routine, I have continued to walk with a cane. The cane produced some pain over distances, so I bought these poles. The poles are much more useful than my cane because they keep me in better balance. This has led to much more comfortable walks. They are not strong enough to support my full weight, but they are considerably stronger than I thought they would be. Take time to adjust the height exactly as recommended. Only a few times have they slipped out of the correct height when I didn’t tighten them. Adjustments can be made on the fly with ease. The end tips are also quite durable. Finally, the hand grips are perfectly suited for our sweaty-palm southern humidity. The straps act as great support for my arms. These are my first set of poles. I certainly don’t use them the way a normal trail trekker would, but if they can withstand the weighty punishment I put them through, then they should be more than enough for most any adventure. I can honestly say that these poles have given me many more miles than I thought possible.

  10. slydog

    I bought these late November to try to lose some weight. I'm 60 years old, 5'10" and 216 lbs. I reached my goal of walking 5 km a day in 50 minutes late December. I don't know why but these poles motivate me to go out for my walk every day, even in the rain. I walk only on pavement so far and the tips that came with it only lasted me 100 km or 20 days. These make my walk more like an elliptical training than just walking. I work a sweat within the first 10 minutes of my walk. In my first 2 months, I've lost 3 inches around my waist and 10 lbs without changing my diet, so I'm really happy. For casual users these are great poles, I don't think you need carbon fiber ones as these are not heavy at all. Happy trekking people!

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Finally, an affordable carbon pole. Montem answers the most common gripe-price-with this sub-$80 offering that performs like it costs twice as much.

Patrice La Vigne

Backpacker Magazine Expert

After about 40 hours of testing on trails, streets, beaches, and many places in between—including extensive handling and testing in a physical-therapy office, among therapists, nurses, patients, and doctors in an orthopedic group—we’ve determined that the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles are the best for nearly everyone. They’re simple to set up and use, comfortable, and ready to take a beating. Also, they’re a bargain.

Ryan Bradley

Chief Product Tester

The Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles blend Aluminum 7075 with a top of the line telescoping system, allowing them to weigh only 9.6 ounces and condense to 24" while offering tested support of over 350lbs per set. Experience functionality wrapped in the sleek, rugged look you've come to expect from Montem

British GQ - Top Outdoor Picks

British GQ

Montem Trekking Poles are a great deal for the value they provide. From committed outdoor enthusiasts to local strollers, these poles will offer a great work out, as well as a sturdy base you can rely on. For the price, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Marc, Trekking Pole Reviews

Owner, Hiking Enthusiast

Montem nailed important details like choke-up extensions on the grips, in-field adjustments for the locking mechanism, and easily adjustable straps

John Ellings