Ultra Strong Trekking Poles – Pair
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"These poles perform like they cost twice as much!" Mike & Charlotte P.
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Ultra Strong Trekking Poles – Pair

(442 customer reviews)
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The Ultra Strong model quickly adjusts from 24″ to 53″, comes equipped with easy to use flip locks, padded wrist straps, and carbide tips. It’s also the perfect travel companion, easily fitting into your backpacks and suitcases.

We guarantee your gear will last you a lifetime.


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Hiking, trekking, protecting knees and joints, and maintaining balance.


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Ultra Strong Trekking Poles - Pair

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Ultra Strong Trekking Poles – Pair

Product Description


Shaft Construction: Aluminum 7075

Grip Material: EVA Foam

Adjustable: Yes

Ultra Strong: Yes

Maximum Length (in): 53

Minimum Length (in): 24

Maximum Length (cm): 135

Minimum Length (cm): 61

Weight Per Pair (oz): 19.2

Gender: Unisex

  • Innovative collapsing system offers simple, compact, and reliable support with a cutting edge flick-lock system designed to keep your poles from sliding.
  • Ultra sturdy, and developed with nonslip EVA foam (stronger than cork!) grips which feature foam extensions, allowing better grip and handling on all declines, and inclines.
  • The 3-section Aluminum 7075 shaft creates an ultra strong pole design that retains strength over a wide range of terrain, and angles.
  • Carbide crafted tips, and includes interchangeable mud baskets as well as rubber tips.
  • Hand straps designed to last, and soft to the touch.

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Ultra Strong Trekking Poles – Pair

Frequently Asked Questions

Montem specializes in high quality gear at an affordable price. With thousands of 5-star reviews, dozens of #1 rankings, and numerous awards, the verdict is in. Montem is better than the competition at 1/2 the price.

Montem poles have been unanimously ranked above primary trekking pole companies such as Black Diamond and Leki. How, you ask? No middle men, no mark ups, no hidden fees. We take pride in devoting our time, effort, and passion to designing the highest quality gear we can while doing everything in our power to keep the price down.

We do this by limiting marketing expenses, minimizing website costs. We DO NOT cut costs on the actual product, which is exactly why we've been called the premier pole on the market.

The design, functionality, and quality is stellar. Simply put, we keep our prices low by not wasting money on what "the other guys" do.

It's super easy! Simply adjust your arms so that they’re at a 90 degree angle while using your Montem Trekking Poles. When adjusting the height of the poles, make sure the number on the top segment of the pole is the same as the one on the bottom.

Flip open the clasp, then proceed to make 1/4 turn adjustments to the screw until you get the desired tension. The bolt should be tight enough that when you close the clasp the pole supports your weight without sliding.

Yes! To adjust the length of the strap pull the tension block out. Once the tension block is removed, you may pull the loose end to tighten the strap, or pull the upper end to loosen the strap.

Ultra Strong Trekking Poles – Pair

Product Reviews

  1. Papa Bear

    Bought for my son going to Philmont (Boy Scout Ranch) - appear to be superior quality as those costing 2x - 3x as much.

  2. T O'Day

    Good Quality Product!

  3. Mikey

    Recently bought these poles for a 70 mile AT section hike in the great state of GA. I am 6' 220 lbs and these poles worked great for me. Very strong and held my body weight with ease on some of the rocky downhills. It is great to see a company producing quality hiking gear at a great price. I wish these were available when I thruhiked in 2006. I'll never buy expensive trekking poles again.

  4. Kevin

    Took these poles out for a test hike (~3 miles) and was very pleased the clamp adjustment for height was smooth and easy to operate. I really liked the grips - not cork, but a very comfortable cushion. The strap was comfortable and the piles were light. I definitely think you get more than your money's worth with these poles.

  5. Bruce

    I was very impressed with the quality and attention to detail with these poles. They are a reasonable price and the company obviously takes pride in them as they sent me an email before they arrived describing how to fit them too. I am very pleased with the poles, easy of use, and the quality and wholeheartedly recommend them.

  6. Rebekah

    These trekking poles arrived the day before an overnight backpacking trip, perfect timing! I'm in love with the matte pink color I chose and my Boyfriend loved his matte black pair. Once I had them adjusted they were absolutely perfect. I was carrying a 25lb pack with my pups leash attached and these poles were great; during stream crossings especially. Any support I needed, I had complete faith the poles would hold up. I've only used them once but I'm impressed with the quality I received from Montem. The handle fits your hands perfectly, the cork is good quality and feels great on your palm. I'm extremely happy with these trekking poles and can't wait to take them along on my next trip in a couple weeks.

  7. Jamie

    I am very pleased with the poles. I have had both knees replaced over the past 6 years and have some balance issues. I think using the poles will help me with my posture and more confidence when I walk. I like the fact they are so light and easy to store. I have told others about this product.

  8. Pat

    I'm an avid mountain hiker. These are great trekking poles, arrived early. Definitely would buy again.

  9. Margaret

    I am very pleased with the poles. I have had both knees replaced over the past 6 years and have some balance issues. I think using the poles will help me with my posture and more confidence when I walk. I like the fact they are so light and easy to store. I have told others about this product.

  10. Marty

    I Was finally able to use these after getting them last week. Went on a 10 mile jaunt today after 3-4 days steady rains. Started on gravel road, scree, and decided to play in the mud along river bank. Lots of debris from fallen trees, collapsed railroad ties (along old rail tracks followed) and also a wildflower open meadow to get a sampling. I'm 6'5" 250 lbs and extended the poles to their maximum opening. I wanted to see how these poles held up at full extension with varied terrain, and with some areas requiring me to lean pretty heavily on them. Bottom line they were great. I did have to tighten one of the clamps just once when I really leaned into one of the poles to scramble over some large downed trees and fallen boulders but after re-tightening the nut no problem. The poles never felt heavy and the cork handles were great - I didn't experience any tingling or numbness from nerve impingement as can happen with some handles. I did,however, switch out the basic rubber tip covers that come with the pole to their heavy duty ones - definitely worth getting! The rubber tips fit very snug and did not budge even in the thickest muck! My suggestion to the folks at Montem would be to include these heavy duty tips with each purchase of the poles and forget the basic ones they have now. Those tips are not that expensive so upping the cost of the poles by a few bucks really wont cause any issues with sales. Again, if u want really strong, ergonomically friendly, light, and greatly priced trekking poles don't hesitate getting these.

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Finally, an affordable carbon pole. Montem answers the most common gripe-price-with this sub-$80 offering that performs like it costs twice as much.

Patrice La Vigne

Backpacker Magazine Expert

After about 40 hours of testing on trails, streets, beaches, and many places in between—including extensive handling and testing in a physical-therapy office, among therapists, nurses, patients, and doctors in an orthopedic group—we’ve determined that the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles are the best for nearly everyone. They’re simple to set up and use, comfortable, and ready to take a beating. Also, they’re a bargain.

Ryan Bradley

Chief Product Tester

The Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles blend Aluminum 7075 with a top of the line telescoping system, allowing them to weigh only 9.6 ounces and condense to 24" while offering tested support of over 350lbs per set. Experience functionality wrapped in the sleek, rugged look you've come to expect from Montem

British GQ - Top Outdoor Picks

British GQ

Montem Trekking Poles are a great deal for the value they provide. From committed outdoor enthusiasts to local strollers, these poles will offer a great work out, as well as a sturdy base you can rely on. For the price, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Marc, Trekking Pole Reviews

Owner, Hiking Enthusiast

Montem nailed important details like choke-up extensions on the grips, in-field adjustments for the locking mechanism, and easily adjustable straps

John Ellings