Trekking Pole Snow Baskets
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Trekking Pole Snow Baskets

(13 customer reviews)
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YOU GET: Pack of 2 premium rubber trekking pole snow baskets. Great for keeping the poles from sinking too deep into snow!


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Snow baskets give additional support to keep the poles from sinking too deep into soft soil or snow, making your poles easy to be used in any terrain.

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Trekking Pole Snow Baskets

Product Description


Quantity: 2

Material: Vulcanized Rubber

Universal Fit (in): 7/16 or 0.4375

Universal Fit (cm): 1.1

  • Our Montem Outdoor Gear accessories will allow you to hike with your trekking poles in all 4 seasons on a variety of surfaces: sand, mud, grass, snow, stone, etc! Be sure to stock up on additional accessories as accessories become worn, lost, or damaged!
  • Snow baskets give additional support to keep the poles from sinking too deep into soft soil or snow, making your poles easy to be used in any terrain. Great for turning your summer poles into winter poles for backcountry activities, snowshoeing, mountaineering, etc.
  • You can screw the rubber snow baskets on clockwise along the threading on the bottom of your poles (approximately 3 inches up from the bottom). No tools required!
  • These hiking pole snow baskets are designed to fit all the popular brands of trekking poles, including Montem Outdoor Gear and all major brands.
  • Not sure if these snow baskets will fit your hiking poles? Send us a message and our service team will verify for you. Note: we cannot guarantee that these snow baskets will fit your pole once we ship them.

Trekking Pole Snow Baskets

Product Reviews

  1. Hammeron

    Bought these after losing the stock snow baskets with my pacemaker at-6s. Needed for hike up mt washington in nh. The fit is excellent. They slip on securely. Will update after hike if there are any issues but they feel well made and strong.

  2. VT Dog Runner

    These were perfect replacements for my TrailBuddy trekking poles’ missing snowbasket. I was thrilled! Especially since I wrote directly to the Trailbuddy company asking for their help- without ever receiving a reply!

  3. AC

    They work and have been durable.

  4. J W

    Items shipped as desribed. They are easy to attach and remove. They are good for average snow and moderate powder conditions. I have used them more to assist on catwalks and parts of the backcountry as I am a snowboarder.

  5. kkferb

    Fits my old poles great. As described. Arrived on time.

  6. North Michaels

    I've always loved Montem for their products and their customer service. This purchase...the same great customer service, but one of the threads on the snow basket must have been cut wrong because the basket would not thread on properly. I have not contacted the company yet regarding this issue, but it just wanted to let future buyers know to test their baskets the moment they get them. One of the four I purchased would not thread properly onto either of my pairs of Montem poles.

  7. Joe

    Item arrived quickly. Item was just like original equipment and was just what I needed.

  8. D. Shields

    Great poles but I wish they would have included instructions on how to use them, adjust them etc. I did finally find the instructions I needed on line.

  9. Mary

    Super easy to use and good amount of surface area - ideal for snow. Excellent product as expected from montem.

  10. Diana

    The snowshoeing buckets were easy to add to my trekking poles, and performed as needed.

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Montem Trekking Poles are a great deal for the value they provide. From committed outdoor enthusiasts to local strollers, these poles will offer a great work out, as well as a sturdy base you can rely on. For the price, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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Montem nailed important details like choke-up extensions on the grips, in-field adjustments for the locking mechanism, and easily adjustable straps

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