Otavalo 30L Pocket Duffle Bag
(42 customer reviews)
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Otavalo 30L Pocket Duffle Bag

(42 customer reviews)
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The most compact duffle bag on the market. The Otavalo Duffle is 30L and blends ultra durable water resistant material with taped interior seams to keep your items dry. Read More



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Perfect for: Traveling, daytrips, hiking, camping, backpacking, and the everyday grind.

Featuring: Taped interior seams for added strength and front storage pocket.

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Otavalo 30L Pocket Duffle Bag

Product Description


Capacity: 30L

Material: 100% Woven Ripstop Nylon

Weight (oz): 4

Water Resistant: Yes

Puncture Resistant: Yes

Vulcanized Rubber Cased Zippers: Yes

Duffle Diameter (in): 11

Duffle Length (in): 19

Duffle Diameter (cm): 28

Duffle Length (cm): 48

  • The perfect travel duffle, weekend bag, travel bag, overnight bag, and every other bag you’ll ever need.
  • Innovative attached stuff sack system offers simple, compact, and reliable packing down to the size of your palm without sacrificing the strength or stability you’ve come to trust from Montem.
  • Vulcanized rubber zippers allowing for added strength and water resistance.
  • The taped interior seams offer additional support and protection from the elements.
  • Hand straps designed to be used either as carrying grips, or if needed you can use them as shoulder straps and wear your duffle as a pack.
  • It is suitable for gym, sports, travel, camping, shopping and hiking. Fast packed into itself which means you don’t need to take an extra pouch, the handy bag is a must-have for any traveler.
  • Packable travel bag for your convenience when on a vacation, unfold it from pocket to duffel bag, avoid overweight charges and use it for excess baggage.
  • The satchel is perfect for day-to-day use for outdoors (occasional travel, vacation, hiking, camping, climbing, running, cycling, bike riding, outings, trips), baby bag (carry around diapers and wipes), sports (gym, yoga, soccer) or a great gift for everyone.

Otavalo 30L Pocket Duffle Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use your duffle as a carry-on item for major airlines. You can also put a TSA lock into the zipper pulls.

Only the Montem Ultra Z folding trekking poles will fit into the duffle bag.

The duffle does not come with a shoulder strap. If you need help, you can always use the duffle as a backpack.

Otavalo 30L Pocket Duffle Bag

Product Reviews

  1. Barry

    Excellent quality.This bag is amazing and the compartment for your shoes/trainers it's actually quite big.Very strong and well made.Excellent value for money.Better than expected, does all that is expected.very pleased with the purchase.100% recommended.

  2. Michelle

    Good sized bag made from nylon type material.Lightweight, brilliant when traveling. and it's Very strong. Great heavy duty fabric well worth the money. I am able to use it for so many different situations in my life and I am really happy. recommended.

  3. Esther

    This bag is exactly what I needed. Crafted out of 100% ripstop nylon - your pocket duffle bag can take a beating, is puncture resistant, and water resistant.I like the size.Excellent value for money. I would definitely buy this item again and highly recommended.

  4. Ferguson

    well built and very roomy

  5. Daniel

    i love the otavalo duffle bag, it is super reliable and easy to carry, great for a quick weekend trip and other day to day functions. thanks!

  6. Karen

    Another product that is fresh to death. Montem has great products at great prices. This bag is very convenient for trips and stores easily when you get back. It can really hold a lot of stacks, no problem.

  7. Anthony

    This bag is fantastic. It can be used for almost everything! I use it for the gym on the weekdays and on the weekends or if I'm traveling, it can fit my clothes and any food I bring along with it. It's a durable bag so you don't have to watch what you put in it because it'll handle it! Will be recommending to everyone

  8. Joey

    I used this duffle on a recent trip to Germany and it was outstanding. Super light, super durable, and super compact. I was able to pack all of my clothes for the weekend trip. This duffle can definitelh fit a good amount of stuff for how small it packs up. 10/10 would recommend.

  9. Jack

    I'm always on the go and this bag has been great far. It's lightweight and functional as I've used for multiple purposes, from the gym to weekend trips. I'd recommend this bag. And furthermore, it's got a very simple/sleek design at a very fair price. Highly recommend.

  10. World Traveler Johnny

    This duffle was awesome on my trip! I went on a weekend excursion and it performed above and beyond. It's multi-purpose. I used it to bring all of my clothes, then when I unpacked I was able to use it for my hike. I like collecting rocks (I know!), so I kept the duffle packed up and used it once I came across some nice stones for my collection. It fit in my pocket and unpacked more than large enough to fit everything I collected with a bunch of room. Then! I used it as a duffle for the gym. Its seriously multipurpose :)

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