Oceanum Dry Bag
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Oceanum Dry Bag

(31 customer reviews)
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The Oceanum Dry Bag combines 500D PVC, which is known as the toughest waterproof material known to man, with the ability to roll down as needed and secure your items, keeping all of your valuables safe, and dry on your adventures.


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Perfect for: Kayaking, traveling, boating, white water rafting, camping, hiking, hunting, skiing, snowboarding; our dry bags will protect your valuables from dirt, dust, sand and water.

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Oceanum Dry Bag

Product Description


Material: 500-denier polyester 

Water Resistant: Yes

Puncture Resistant: Yes

Sizes Available: 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L

Size Instruction (Diameter x Height) (in): 5L – 8 x 12.6; 10L – 8 x 18.5; 20L – 9.5 x 20.1; 30L – 9.8 x 24.8


Size Instruction (Diameter x Height) (cm): 5L – 20 x 32; 10L – 20 x 47; 20L – 24 x 51; 30L – 25 x 63

  • With superior quality, your Montem Dry Bag comes in 500-denier polyester, vinyl-coating to seal out the elements with watertight, welded seams. Adjustable shoulder strap included! Keeps your gear safe & dry!
  • Our bags are suitable for quick submersion. While you are kayaking, traveling, boating, white water rafting, camping, hiking, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, our dry bags will protect your valuables from dirt, dust, sand and water.
  • Protect your valuables with our 5L, 10L, 20L, or 30L dry bags! Just toss your gear inside, roll it down, and you’re good to go on your next adventure.
  • Includes one (1) shoulder strap. We take care of you better than anyone else! Making sure you are 100% delighted and the product is perfect when it reaches you.

Versatile and durable, your gear will stay dry inside these round bottom dry bags, even in adverse conditions. Shut out water by rolling down the top a few times and snapping the side release buckles together. Great for power boats, sail boats, personal watercraft, kayaks, canoes, camping, fishing, motorcycles, ATV’s, snowmobiles and car top luggage racks. You can even use it at the beach as a cooler!

What’s most important though is that it has an incredibly high tear strength and it’s pliable so you can easily load up and close the bag without struggle. Thermo welding technology ensures the strong seams are watertight. Your dry bag is crafted with reinforced construction at all stress points, making it even tougher!

To ensure a watertight seal, tightly roll down the top of the bag a minimum of 3-4 times & connect the buckle.

Oceanum Dry Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

Gently press the air out, bring the two halves of the top together and press flat, then roll at least one complete roll. Bring the clasps together -imagine you are completing a circle with them.

Oceanum Dry Bag

Product Reviews

  1. David

    This bag is amazingg! I went on a backpacking trip through Death Valley on a weekend where, oddly enough, it quite literally rained non-stop for 24 hours. But, this bag kept everything completely dry. It packs down well, and its also good for clipping onto the outside of your pack. The product is sturdy and well-made, and for an amazing price. I really think this bag could rival any other big-name outdoor brand in terms of quality. I definitely see myself purchasing more of these bags and other Montem gear in the future.

  2. Alyson


  3. Ethan

    Fantastic dry bag for a steal of a price! Couldn't be happier with it and it does it job. It's manufacturing is great..no rips or tears. I would highly recommend this dry bag.

  4. Hayley

    Perfect size!!

  5. Yoshikawa

    Great bag, though I wish now that I could find one with 2 straps so I could wear it as a backpack. Very well made out of thick material that I can tell would be difficult to puncture.

  6. Rain C.

    This dry bag is seriously amazing. First of all, it works perfectly in keeping all my gear bone dry, even after complete submersion a few feet down in the water. Second, it fits a lot more than you'd think from how it looks on the outside. I have the 20L, and had 3 large water bottles, a towel and few medication bottles in there with room to spare. Yet after it packs down and rolls up it's not bulky at all and looks attractive as you carry it. This bag solves a problem I've had for years of not being able to take certain crucial items out on the water with me as I'm snorkeling off a kayak, always having to return to shore to get my water and medication. Now I can have it all with me as I go and I don't have to worry about it getting wet. Another cool thing I discovered is that it doubles as a flotation device. Just pack a little extra air in before you roll it up and since it's watertight it floats strong enough to keep me (130 lb.) afloat if I need a rest from swimming. Very cool. This bag could be made extra awesome if there was another strap added so that you could wear it on your back or front like a small backpack. Still, it works great as is and I love it and recommend it!

  7. Mary D.

    Excellent waterproof bag. I use it for kayaking and appreciate having the smaller sizes available, which makes for more efficient packing of the kayak.

  8. WS Paul

    I'm a sailor, so dry is a real need. This is a very high quality materials container, great sealed seams, great closure, and several options for the carrying strap -- well thought out. It is about 18" tall and about 8" in diameter. I'll happily recommend this to anybody who wants something that delivers excellent value.

  9. Tim O.

    This is quality gear at a reasonable price! Having kayaked for years I know the value of a good dry bag, however these bags have so many more uses. I use them in emergency packs to store essential gear that needs to be protected from moisture and these bags provide an additional level of protection but are easy to access when you need something. The other day I had a training class that required me to bring a sack lunch and water (we were in the desert)... I used the small bag, froze some of the water bottles and my bag kept everything cold and was easy to carry with the straps attached. The construction of the bags is very high quality, the seams and attachment points are heavy duty as is the hardware that attaches the straps. Highly recommend!

  10. Susan W.

    I got this particular size for my kayak and it works just like I hoped

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