Fly-Napple & Chill Camping Hammock
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Fly-Napple & Chill Camping Hammock

(5 customer reviews)
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The Montem hammock is your new favorite companion. Blending ripstop 75D Nylon with tactical grade ropes and 12kN carabiners this hammock comes to your doorstep ready for use. Easily remove from the pouch and tie your hammock up for a nice lounge – it’s that easy!


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Perfect for:
Impromptu trips, camping, hiking, back yard excursions, posting up between poles, signs, trees, and anywhere else you’d like to be!

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Fly-Napple & Chill Camping Hammock

Product Description

Technical Details:

Material: 75D Nylon

Size: Single Hammock

Dimensions (in.): 110 x 55

Dimensions (cm.): 28o x 140

Strength: 500lbs

Stuff Sack Size (in.): 7 x 6 x 4

Stuff Sack Size (cm.): 17.8 x 15.2 x 10.2

Ultra Sturdy: Yes

Included Carabiner Strength: 12kN

Included Rope Length: 2 ropes are included measuring 10′ each

Weight (oz): 14

Weight (g): 397

Included will be one Montem Hammock, two (2) ready-to-go carabiners, and two (2) 10 foot length tactical grade ropes!

Montem Hammocks are built to last, made of 75D Nylon you can be sure this bad boy won’t let you down! This hammock is a work horse and can comfortably hold 500lbs.

This Montem Hammock is the perfect addition to your outdoor experience. Let Montem be your one stop shop – we include EVERYTHING you need to get started in one pouch.


Fly-Napple & Chill Camping Hammock

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you can! First, be sure to remove the carabiners. You want to make sure you don't accidentally run those through the wash! Proceed to machine wash the hammock by itself. Use just a tiny bit of detergent and no fabric softeners. Wash in cold water. After the wash, air dry the hammock either on a clothesline or by strapping it on some trees in the backyard

Yes, absolutely! The hammock and carabiners that come with it are tested up to 500lbs (but we believe it can hold slightly more!)

Yes, you definitely can. We’d suggest utilizing it instead of a tent when the weather permits, however.

The included carabiners are rated a whopping 12kN!

Fly-Napple & Chill Camping Hammock

Product Reviews

  1. Elise

    Bought this for my 10 year old niece. Nice quality product with a beautiful print. It has all you need to set it up and very compact for travel and storing it. The price is right for this one.

  2. Toree Warfield

    I've been camping for years and I have a long-time camping buddy who would always bring this gigantic hammock--poles, ropes, weighed about 30 lbs, took up so much room.... It took him at least 1/2 hour to set up. I thought that's what hammocks were and that's not my thing, even though I love to lie in one. Then I discovered this hammock. It's light, comes in a small package (smaller than a football, larger than a soft ball) and EASY to set up! It took me about two minutes to set up. Then, once you lie in it, you don't ever want to get out! Plus the design is pleasant to look at (who doesn't love flowers?!) and blends in with the forest surroundings. Love it!

  3. Ruben L.

    Good quality as expected, easy to use and packing too.

  4. Amy C.

    I have used this several times with the straps. The hammock was easy to setup and take down. The material seems durable and sturdy. I was able to fit my dog in the hammock as well.

  5. Mike S.

    I like the design and quality for the price. Didn't realize it already came with carabiners!

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