Luxe Ultra Light Packable 12L Backpack
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Luxe Ultra Light Packable 12L Backpack

(5 customer reviews)
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The most compact backpack on the market. It packs away to an ultra-compact pouch the size of your palm. You can easily pack it in your suitcase or larger bag for use as an extra bag for the trip, or use it on it’s own as a super lightweight and packable backpack.


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Perfect for: Traveling, daytrips, hiking, camping, and backpacking.

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Luxe Ultra Light Packable 12L Backpack

Product Description


Capacity: 12L

Material: 100% Woven Ripstop Nylon

Weight (oz): 4

Water Resistant: Yes

Puncture Resistant: Yes

Mesh Straps for Added Comfort: Yes

Ultra Compact: Yes (folds into a pouch for easy carry)

Packed Size (in): 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.5

Packed Size (cm): 11 x 11 x 4

  • Innovative seamed pocket allows for you to quickly stuff away your pack by simply using your thumbs and pushing the bag inside out and into it’s interior pouch.
  • Ultra light design allowing for you to take this bag anywhere and everywhere. You can use it on day trips, hikes, even jaunts to the gym.
  • Ultra breathable straps allow you to not feel bogged down or sweaty when using your Luxe backpack

Luxe Ultra Light Packable 12L Backpack

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it arrives folded in its own inside pocket. It folds up to approximately 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches.

The straps are not padded but it is made of very light and comfortable mesh material.

This Montem Luxe is a no-frills backpack. it has no specific interior pouch with which to hold or store a bladder.

Luxe Ultra Light Packable 12L Backpack

Product Reviews

  1. stephakett

    This bag is honestly my best friend. I bought it to use as a day-pack on a backpacking trip last season, which it worked perfectly for, but ended up using it every single day as my gym bag. I even used it for an afternoon of skiing at Winter Park this year to hold spare layers and snacks. This thing has seriously taken some laps in the last 300 days, but it's not giving up yet! I love that the zip pocket remains while the backpack is in use, so it will keep small items (like a MasterLock, lifting gloves, keys, wallet, headphones, resistance band, Bengay, or Chapstick) within easy access. The packable loop comes in handy for hanging the bag in a locker, or daisy-chained on another item of gear.

  2. Janice

    The perfect pack for literally everything. It packs into its own small tiny pouch and unpacks to a pretty decent size. It's become a necessity and a go to in my regular backpack

  3. Ingrid

    Super easy to use! Light, packable, essential. It's been a part of my day to day commute for 6 months and is holding up well.

  4. Terry K

    A great light weight day pack...you never know you have it on....

  5. Lawrence

    Pretty crazy to have a 12L daypack that fits into your pocket. Good size and comfortable. Quality material and construction.

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