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  • Trekking pole tips wear through and fall off on the trails when you do heavy hiking. Hiking pole tips will become worn, lost, or damaged so be sure you stock up on extra replacement tips!
  • Take the shock out of your trekking pole with these rubber replacement tips. These tips absorb the shock of your metal tip hitting a hard surface and instead make it a non-issue!
  • These are replacement tips designed to fit all the popular brands of trekking poles, including Montem Outdoor Gear and other major brands.
  • Not sure if these tips will fit your hiking poles? Send us a message and our service team will verify for you. Tips will fit most metal-tipped hiking poles, but for those that want the technical specs, the opening on the hiking poles measures 7/16 inches, or 0.4375 inches.
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Brent on Feb 15, 2018

An excellent addition to any pair of poles. Personally I use Montem’s Ultra Light Carbon poles, and these tips drastically increased the longevity of the carbide tips. Grabbed a pack of 5 for my wife and they fit her poles as well (not Montem poles, but she’s going to be switching over soon, haha!)

Debbie on Nov 01, 2017

Does the job. A very good fit and seem sturdy enough to last a number of years.

Crystal on Nov 01, 2017

Just what I was looking for! Good fit and I’m sure they’ll last some time, quality product.

Dylan L. on Oct 30, 2017

Excellent! They are a nice snug fit on the tapered ends of the poles. Would never use any other ferrules!

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  • A bag 5 tip protectors designed to protect the carbide tips on your trekking poles!
  • Enhanced grip and stability when walling with your new trekking poles.
  • Increase your new poles' lifespan!
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