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Senior Fitness

How to be Healthy and Active After 50



Strength, balance, longevity, pain-management and total body wellness are only a few of the benefits that come with

leading a healthy and active lifestyle. The importance of exercise and fitness has made its way back into the public

eye, with the dieting and vanity-fitness industry targeting the American public relentlessly. However, fad diets and

confusing, inconsistent cardio regimens will not provide the purest and maximal benefit from exercise. True fitness-

-and the health benefits therein–must be achieved by implementing consistent activity as a lifestyle.

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Todd Webber on Feb 01, 2019

Easy reading, extremely informative and inspiring. It helped me to change my life and now as a 45-year-old – I FEEL GREAT!

Linda on Feb 01, 2019

See how to be healthy and amazingly fit after the age of 80. Really good book

Karen T on Feb 01, 2019

This book is one you need to read and own! The author, in a clear, concise manner covers what each of us needs to know about diet and exercise.

Ashley on Jan 31, 2019

Dear Joseph,

I’m writing to you to let you know that your Senior Fitness e-book has made a world of a difference in my health.

I’d gone through a long period of inactivity brought on by a bad back and sore legs, and at 70 years-old its hard for me to follow along to the more difficult exercises available out there.

The exercises in your e-book are simple enough for me to manage yet very effective, and I don’t end up tired afterward. Instead, I feel re-energized and after a week or so I’d be able to take walks in the park longer by the day! I feel stronger and healthier, and I can walk confidently wherever I go.

Thank you so much for this great e-book and your wonderful tips!

Ashley T.

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  • A new lease on life!
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