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  • With superior quality, your Diadema 18L Daypack is designed with water resistant, ultra strong, and super light ripstop nylon.
  • Your daypack is perfect for all types of travel. Weekend trips, day trips, hikes, ultra light backpacking, and long haul journeys.
  • Just toss your gear inside, pull the drawstring, and you’re good to go on your next adventure.
  • The daypack is perfect for day-to-day use for outdoors (travel, vacation, hiking, camping, climbing, running, cycling, bike riding, outings, trips), baby bag (carry around diapers and wipes), sports (gym, yoga, soccer) or a great gift for everyone and anyone (hiker or not).
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stephakett on May 21, 2019

This is a really well put-together pack- I like the simplicity of design with the outside access mesh pockets that can stow trekking poles, water bottles, cans of beer, and accessories. The foldover top keeps rain out well enough (though we don’t often get prolonged downpour in Colorado, so maybe put your goods in a dry sack if you’re worried). The straps are comfortable, and there is plenty of room for all your layers and gear

James Boissonnault on May 01, 2019

I hike a lot. When not hiking, I’m walking, like 1 hr-3-times-a-day. I’ve been using this pack for all that walking, which includes carrying dress clothes for work, clipping a water bottle to the strap, rain, shine, cold & heat. This is a great daypack! I don’t really use the rain cover; I just put a silnylon ultra-light sack inside and put my stuff inside of the silnylon sack. Anyway, great pack.

Dexter T on Jan 24, 2019

This backpack is the s**t! Had everything I needed – internal sleeve, bottle holders on the sides, avalanche whistle, and a beautiful topographic design on the side.

Perfect for my classes, but also killed it when i hit some trails. I used them to carry my trekking poles when I wasnt using them as well. All around all-star pack

Ray on Feb 16, 2018

This daypack is SUPERB. The colors rock, the pack can hold a bunch of weight, its light, and the straps are actually comfy (no padding, but this soft mesh so I’m a happy camper).

The diadema quickly became my daily pack – both for work and hiking.

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