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Included will be one pair of Montem Ultra Sturdy Locking Carabiners (2 carabiners per set)!

Montem Ultra Sturdy Locking Carabiners are built to last, comprised of aluminum craftsmanship and the most secure twist locking mechanism you can be sure your carabiners will support you as well as your hammock with ease (they’re rated 5kN – that’s over 1,100lbs of force at only 0.88oz per carabiner)!

These Ultra Sturdy Carabiners are perfect for your hammock experience and can support an IMMENSE amount of weight! Couple that with their compact design and incredibly light weight and you have the perfect solution to your hammock needs. But, thats not all! Use these carabiners for your pets, your keys, and securing lighter items as needed. BUT NOTE – THESE ARE NOT FOR CLIMBING


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Ryan on May 11, 2019

Used these to help erect a 35’ tower. At one point these had approximately (estimate) 450lbs on them and held up just fine.

Walt on Apr 29, 2019

Great buy, materials are tough, the locking screw works perfectly.

Steven on Apr 17, 2019

These carabiners are still holding up for me after months of use. The locking mechanism is still crisp and hasn’t faltered. I use this to carry various things while hiking and my daily keys. My only complaint is that they’re large and I wouldn’t recommend them as a daily carabiner for keys.

Zach Johnson on Apr 07, 2019

Very strong, lightweight, and work well for workout equipment!

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